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R9a - Zero's Bolt of LightningEurorack
R9c - Aleph's Spectral ManifoldEurorack
R9d - Vox Quadrate ManifestorEurorack
VGLE - Day's Chaos Harmonizer (copy)Eurorack
VGLE - Day's Chaos HarmonizerEurorack
R8c - Aleph's Vox ManifoldEurorack
R8a - Zero's Bolt of LightningEurorack
A1 - Zero's Bolt of LightningEurorack
A5 - Aleph's 51 SpecialEurorack
A4 - Aleph's 55 of WandsEurorack
A3 - Day's Void ManifoldEurorack
A2 - InterzoneEurorack
VGLE - BeanalogEurorack
R7c - Vox Magi ManifoldEurorack
R7b - Zero's Bolt of LightningEurorack
E - MIDI BridgeEurorack
R6c - Vox Magi ManifoldEurorack
R6b - Altar to DistortionsEurorack
X1B - LiveEurorack
X1A - LiveEurorack
VGLE - VocalsEurorack
VGLE - Alien Sounds (copy)Eurorack
VGLE - MathsEurorack
C - Osci WideEurorack
C - OsciEurorack
VGLE - Braided SignalsEurorack
D - Gen XEurorack
X - MIDI Gen XEurorack
VGLE - MIDI Gen XEurorack
VGLE - Gen XEurorack
R5c - Vox Magi ManifoldEurorack
R5b - Altar to DistortionsEurorack
C3a - Zebu Dev UtilityEurorack
C3b - Zebu Dev UtilityEurorack
VGLE - Zebu DevEurorack
VGLE - Quadrophonic AssistantEurorack
Rz1a - InterzoneEurorack
R4c - Vox Magi ManifoldEurorack
VGLE - PanzebuEurorack
Z - BuylistEurorack
VGLE - Granny GoodnessEurorack
R4b - Azathoth's Musical NexusEurorack
C2a - Shreddage PickEurorack
C2b - Shreddage PickEurorack
C - The Joy of TouchEurorack
C - Joyous PseudopodEurorack
C1b - Pachinko RiddimEurorack
C1a - Beats with a ViewEurorack
R3a - InterzoneEurorack
C - Marbles to MIDIEurorack
R3b - Semi Expanded Mutable InterfaceEurorack
R3c - Vox Magi ManifoldEurorack
R2a - InterzoneEurorack
R2b - Semi Expanded Mutable InterfaceEurorack
R2c - Mission ControlEurorack
VGLE - Alien SoundsEurorack
C - Distinctly Too Much PolymorphEurorack
R1b - Semi Expanded Mutable InterfaceEurorack
51mm Deep 40 Wide - ChangelingEurorack
R1c - Beats From Another MotherEurorack
55mm Deep 34 Wide - ChangelingEurorack
Z - More ModulesEurorack
VGLE - Van Gogh's Left EarEurorack
R1a - InterzoneEurorack

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Collection 113 modules

A-138sV, Audio Interface II, MIDI Breakout, General CV, Lifeforms Mod Tools, Lifeforms Distro, A-160-2, Shuttle Control (golden), Shuttle Mate (golden), 20hp Blank Panel (Maths Lightning Bolts), 4hp Blank Panel, Ubbo-Sathla, Quadigy, Booster Stage, Black Octasource, A-133-2, uO_C Black & Gold Panel, Black Multi (new version), Div (Black Panel), Shifting Inverting Signal Mingler, A-130-8, Plancks II (Black), SL3KT, Blank Panel 18HP, Materia - Hippocampus, disting EX, Black Stereo Mixer V3, µBraids SE (uBraids, microBraids) [Rev E, Black], Materia - Belong, Samara II, DATA (System 5V), Nebulae v2, Materia - Octopus, Linnaeus, Mixup, Reducer, ES-8 Bitwig Edition, QCD: Quad Clock Distributor, 2HP Power (black), Black Joystick2, SYSTEM-1m, ZOIA Euroburo, 4U x 62HP Palette Case Top Row BLACK (0.5U), Pique (uPeaks, Black, 1U Intellijel Format), LED (Black Panel), Quadratt 1U, Line Out (Black Panel), Squawk Dirty To Me (black), Pico DSP, Disting mk4, Radio Music, modDemix 2014, SDS_VCO, uZeus, O/A/x2, G&T, TP8, 42 - blind panel / cable holder, Materia - Rosebush, Stereo Line In 1U, Intentional Blank, 7 lifes - Angry Cat, Blank 8Hp, Materia - Udon, Resist Panel, 10hp Blank Panel (Back), Metropolis 10hp Blank, VnIcursal VCA, 1hp Blank, XPO, Maths (white knobs), 6hp blank, Compare 2, KALI, LPG, DIMENSION MK3, Instrument Interface v2, Vice Virga, Headphones 1U, Zadar, Zero2, X-Pan, Noise & Filter, Step 8, Amnis, Z-DSP (NS), Ensemble Oscillator (Black Panel), Blank Panel 2HP, Blank 2Hp, LMNTL Blank Panel 3 HP (Black), MindTheStripe - They Live - Stay Asleep, MindTheStripe - They Live - Consume, MindTheStripe - They Live - Do Not Question Authority, MindTheStripe - They Live - Art is Terrorism, MindTheStripe - They Live - Money is Your God, MindTheStripe - They Live - Buy, MindTheStripe - They Live - Submit, MindTheStripe - They Live - Obey, MindTheStripe - They Live - No Imagination, MindTheStripe - They Live - Doubt Humanity, MindTheStripe - They Live - Do Not Think, MindTheStripe - They Live - No Independent Thought, MindTheStripe - Hands, 2HP Blank, A-100B1, A-100B2v, Blank Panel, ASSIMIL8OR, 1HP Blank Panel, Waveform 4HP blank (cats), 5hp Blank Panel - Black, Mixwitch and Panharmonium
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