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Mantis Case 104HP - System 100m (copy) Eurorack
modified Nov 4th 2020, 02:37
Mantis Case - Existing Modules to Keep Eurorack
modified Nov 5th 2020, 11:03
Mantis Case 104HP - System 100m Eurorack
modified Jan 7th, 20:23
1 x 90 HP Sequencing - Finished Eurorack
modified Jan 6th, 15:43
12U - 4x104 finished Eurorack
modified Jan 6th, 14:52
1x104 - Finished Eurorack
modified Jan 8th, 02:16

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Submitted Modules

English Tear 8 HP AttenuatorControllerExternalPolarizer View
Post-Lawsuit Lowpass Filter 14 HP Filter View
Triple VCO 12 HP Oscillator View
AM8071 Snowfall MK2 VCF 14 HP Filter View
LxD (Low Strike Duo) 4 HP FilterLow Pass GateDual/StereoVCA View
A-160-5 4 HP Clock Modulator View
A-138a 8 HP Mixer View
A-140 8 HP Envelope Generator View
A-138c 8 HP PolarizerMixer View
NS-4 Noise and S&H 10 HP NoiseSample and HoldRandom View
x-series dual eg 21 HP Envelope GeneratorVCADual/Stereo View
AM8140 Dual ADSR 16 HP Envelope GeneratorDual/Stereo View
AM8027 Athena Dual VCO 28 HP OscillatorDual/Stereo View
Rythmatik 14 HP Clock Generator View

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E350 Morphing Terrarium (5), Warna (5), Moskwa (5), E355 Morphing Dual LFO (5), Z3000 Smart VCO MKII (5), μVCA (5), Mix (5) and E560 Deflector Shield (5)
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