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INCOMING full thing - no pgh (copy)EurorackPrivate
idk i guess this is 7u intellijel and also a different mixer and also no NE-style synth voices?EurorackPrivate
INCOMING full thing - no pghEurorackPrivate
INCOMING different mix idea - doepfer a-135-4EurorackPrivate
CURRENT full thing - no pghEurorackPrivate
INCOMING redesign for non-mixerEurorackPrivate
Pittsburgh polysynthEurorackPrivate
what if malekko rowEurorackPrivate
Pittsburgh buchlaishEurorackPrivate
Full thing different mixer ideas - doepfer section in pittsburgh caseEurorackPrivate
INCOMING full thing - plus PGH caseEurorackPrivate
INCOMING dual mantis - by brand? Maybe? Please?EurorackPrivate
CURRENT dual mantis - essentialsEurorackPrivate
CURRENT Intellijel - BuchlaishEurorackPrivate
Peep theseEurorackPrivate
Doepfer mantisEurorack
KB CtrlEurorack

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