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_Monochrome 6UEurorack
_Monochrome (build) (copy)EurorackPrivate
_Monochrome (build)EurorackPrivate
_Moog 4-Tier Rack StandEurorackPrivate
_12U (alt)EurorackPrivate
Surgeon 2018Eurorack
Hainbach 2021Eurorack
Nicolas JaarEurorack
amon tobinEurorack
Kangding Ray West Coast RackEurorack
taylor12k performance system w/ ryuichi sakamoto - 04/26/2018 (brooklyn)Eurorack
Autechre´s lunchboxEurorack
Aphex TwinEurorackPrivate
Caterina Barbieri’s caseEurorackPrivate

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Elements, Atom (uElements), Skipmin, ER-301: Sound Computer (People's Choice), Nebulae v2, Graphic VCO, Black Octasource, Dtech VCF, Mankato Filter, A-106-1, Spectral Multiband Resonant Filter, ADM17 Proton, MMG, Erbe-Verb, Edgecutter, Multi-Envelope, Stages, Complex Oscillator, Black LFO, Morph 4, Instrument Interface v2, Instrument Interface, Magnetophone, Mikrophonie (2017 new panel design), Radio Music (Black Panel), Turing Machine Mk II, A-112v, A-118V, A-118 Doubled Random Out, Triple Sloth Chaos, Micro Research ERD/γ (Gamma), Micro Research ERD/ERD, BREATH, Pachinko, Marbles, Random Sampling, SAPÈL, Wogglebug, Richter Wogglebug 2014, Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator (DUSG) MK2, Benjolin V2, Rungler, Chain Reactor, Disting mk4 (Rubadub Special Edition), M185 Sequencer, Metropolis, A-183-1, Shades (2020), MTX9 Pin Matrix, A-138m, Quad Quantizer, User Writeable Quantizer, 1uO_c mk2, µO_C micro Ornament & Crime, Pressure Points, Maths, Tempi, VCA Matrix (Black), WAV Recorder, Rample, ALM022 - Squid Salmple, Grids, ASSIMIL8OR, Lúbadh, Bitbox 2.0, Bitbox Micro, ADDAC111 Ultra .WAV Player, Harmonaig, ochd, 100 Grit, ER-101 (people's choice), Hermod, Rene Mk2, Teleplexer, Tetrapad, FSR-4C/B, FSR 4, Touchplate Keyboard, THREE SISTERS, MANGROVE, COLD MAC, Black Joystick2, Planar 2, Joystick, A-174-4 Joy Stick II Black Edition, SCION, A-190-4, Fusion Mixer v3 (14HP), Fusion Mixer V2, A-190-3, µMIDI, Rings, Black Hole DSP, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, Buff Mult, Buff Mult 1U, µMIDI 1U, A-182-1, Yarns, OCP (Assembled, SMD), OCP - Ornament and Crime Plus (Silver), Black Sequencer, Black Wavetable VCO, Basimilus Iteritas Alter (black), Pico Envelope Follower, 961, Disting mk4, ADDAC112 Controls, ADDAC112 Jacks, Fusion VCF2, A-124, Mult 1U, Quadratt 1U, Jumble Henge, Sample Drum, Jones O'Tool Oscilloscope, Fusion VCO2, R-54 mk2, Tube VCA 1Ж24Б, Lúbadh expander, ADDAC703 Discrete Mixer, ADDAC611, ADDAC504 Probabilistic Generator, ADDAC403 VC Time Signature Clock Sources, ADDAC911, ADDAC200B 2HP Buffered Multiples, RK2 XS-VCA, THE CURSIBLE, Delay1022 v2, A-188-1D, DIY BBD Delay, ADDAC709M, Stereo Line Out 1U, INamp, A-119, QPAS, Links, A-180-2 Multiples, Chaos, Lich , Maestro, Ikarie, Ensemble Oscillator, ADDAC221, PER|FORMER, polygogo, Panharmonium, Vector Sequencer, ADDAC402 4 Voice Heuristic Rhythm Generator, ALM006 - S.B.G, Toolbox, Bassline, Fusion VCO, Black Polivoks VCF V2, Varigate 4+, meloDICER, Varigate 8+, Chance, Poly 2, Poly, Bloom (Silver Panel), Quad VCA, Belgrad, Discrete SVVCF, 2144 LPF, 2180 VCF, MA35 VCF / A, Steve's MS-22, Viol Ruina (Silver), D308, m277 (updated version), Monotropa v3, 8106, Amp & Tone, SEM, XaVCF, Desmodus Versio (Silver), VCA, VCA (Black Panel), Tune, Fusion VCA2, Black Multimode VCF, Dual VCF, RS-300, ADDAC222, A-192-2, VCMC, 4x4x4, Strakal Orsel, PRE BX, Chloe V3, tanh[3], Ivan, Micro Wuff, Pico Drive, A-135-4C, Unify, Pico RND, Brains, Rosie, RS-35, Hexmix, Scan & Pan, Cosmix, SIX CHANNEL MIXER, ADDAC802 Quintet Mixing Console (black), Digital Tuner, TUNE, Pico Quant, A-138d, Pluck, Black Output Module v2, nw2s::o16 (balanced), Unify Input Expander, Pico BBD, SCLPL, uSUM, Knead Expander, Hermod (Black Panel), Mutes, Pico Multi2, Black 8-Multi V2, ADDAC306 , Voltage Distributor, Half Dozen Fadas, Pico VCA2, PanMix, PanMix - black, PanMix Jr, PanMix Jr - Black, Ferry, NoiseRing, Miasma, MIDI Breakout, disting EX, MST '07 Buffered Multiple (4HP), DATA (WHITE), LS1lightstrip, S+H (Black Panel), ADDAC506B, Rampage, SWINVAT, A-185-2v, Echophon, Mimeophon, ModMixII, VCA Matrix, Cluster, lìon, 8x8 Buffered Matrix, Matrix Mixer, μCVC (Early Adopter), Voltage Block (Black Panel), ADDAC800X High-End Outputs, Audio Interface II, Black Locust, Impulse Drive, Echophon (black panel), NUTONE, mimosa 8, athrá, SYSTEM 100 140 DUAL ENVELOPE/LFO, SUM 2, A-138oV, A-138p, A-138pV, Lifeforms System Interface, Stereomix 2 (Silver Panel), X-Pan, ADDAC805.VS2, A-138sV, M-052 2-ch Aux Mixer, Fusion Delay/Flanger/Vintage Ensemble, Fluctuations Magnétiques, Fusion VCA-Waveshaper-Ringmodulator, Erica Fusion analogue Chorus/Delay, ES-8, Shuttle Control (golden), Black Quad VCA, Black Quad VCA2, A-135-2 Quad VCA / VC Mixer, A-135-2v, A-135-1, Sewastopol II, ADDAC401 Gated Envelope Follower vs2, Warna II, E560 Deflector Shield, VCA, A-133-2, ALM010 - O/A/x2, 4hp Multiples, LEVIT8, Midi to Clock V2, Voltage Block, PER|FORMER, SYNC, Performance Buffered Mult, t_μ Micro Temps_Utile, Black VC Clock V2 , VC Clock V2, M-611 3ch stereo slider mixer, A-320, OUT V3, Varigate 4+ (Black), Autodyne, Warhorse, PanoramaMIX, Frequency Shifter, FSH-1, RS-240, A-126, ADDAC709C EHX C9 VC ORGAN MACHINE, saïch, Scanned (Natural), Surface, DPO, A-180-2v, Multiple dual channels BY, Stereo Out Module, ADDAC812VU, O'Tool Plus, Hexagram, Triplatt, CVP, VERTER, Black CV Processor, Cascade, ATN8, Precision attenuverter / mixer, Cascade (Black Panel), ADDAC218, MVP - Manual Voltage Processor, MISO, Avert (Black Panel), Outs, Mixup and Outs
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