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Generative Ambient chaos System (GAS) [v. 9U] / Current (copy)Eurorack
Generative Ambient chaos System (GAS) [v. 9U + 3U Skiff] / FutureEurorackPrivate
Generative Ambient chaos System (GAS) [v. 9U] / CurrentEurorack

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Listen Four Black FaceplateEurorack

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Collection 307 modules

Mutant Brain, m-Brane (6hp Mutable Yarns), ochd, Richter Wogglebug 2014, Brain Seed, STEPS, Diode Chaos, Tempi, RND STEP, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, Euclidean Circles v2, Tool-Box, ADDAC215, Chainsaw, A-148v, S+H (Black Panel), Shifty, Popple, Karl, ONE, Kinks, A-410 Pan/Mix, A-134-2, Blender, dVCA, COLD MAC, uO_C, Sloth (4hp), DOT (black panel), VC Slew Limiter, Lifeforms Mod Tools, uTides v2, A-171-2, TILT, Select 2, Links, Mini Slew, AVS-GLIDE-1, Time Warp, CV Quad Slew, A-170v, Slew II, A-118-2v, Logica XT, GENiE, Helvetica Scenario, Subharmonics Generator, Jinx, A-184-1v, AA.1, ADDAC200PI, A-595 Stereo line in & line out - black, A-525, A-138nV, 4x Stereo Mix_gold, Black Mixer/Splitter V2, Hyrlo (inverted), A-312 black, A-535 Gain Up! (Black), Feed V2, Rosie, v3kt, Cause & Effect, Garden Listener, FX AID_black, Milky Way, Pico Logic, Pico SEQS, Euclid, Arp (Black Panel), MMF, MMF (Black Panel), Antares Dual Analog Modulator, Primal Hyperchaos, uBurst, matl, Rnd v2 (Black Panel), GOOD & EVIL, Entropy2, 4R, Brst, uBurst Textured Magpie Panel, omsonic Strange – Melodic contour generator, Play, Mult, Play (Black panel), Steppy, μStep, Seq (Black Panel), Random Sequencer, mBrane (6hp Yarns, aluminum), 1U Sloth Chaos, Nonlinear Circuits Sloth - Magpie black panel, Arp, QPQ Quad Performance Quantizer [Custom Shop], Harmonaig, saïch, Tagh, Lúbadh, arbhar, i-o47, Mutant Brain silver, ALM017-EX - Pexp-1, Bitbox Micro, ALM023 - mmMidi, Scales, Chaos, MIDI Breakout, Disting mk4, Triple Sloths V2 - Magpie Black Panel, Ian Fritz's Hypster, MicroTides (Black w/ LED Attenuverters), Spectral Multiband Resonant Filter, Chord v2, ATOM, Atom (uElements), VnIcursal VCA (Classic BW), VnIcursal VCA, TBD, VnIcursal VCA(Soulless panel), Plaits clone, ONA, Ensemble Oscillator, KNIT, Ts-L, DPLPG (Black), FX AID XL_black, Pamela’s NEW Workout, Sample Drum, Please Exist 2, INamp, Line_Amp, A-520 4ch(in) line preamp, A-530 2ch(in) line preamp, Pico Envelope Follower, CVilization, SLOPES, Stages (PCB Panel), Gibbon, Pachinko, Alan, Nano Rand v2, Cascadence, Mult (Black Panel), Bard Quartet, Quad Quantizer, Quad Quantizer, Quantoct Quad Quantizer, BREATH, CalTrans, Castor & Pollux, JP4 Chorus, TM (Black Panel), Rnd v2, Aeolus Seeds, Knight's Gallop, Aeolus Mixer, Golden drum drone bank 14kr , Cs-L, FONT, Antumbra CARA , Neuron/Difference Rectifier, BOOLs, ffchaos, ADDAC306 , Neuron Difference Rectifier, Pico DSP, Radio Music, Anti-Oscillator (Wiard a.k.a."Gargoyles" version), 16 Voice DEMON CORE OSCILLATOR, THREE SISTERS, Warps, A-180-9, Generate 3, MANGROVE, 921B, Gamma Ray VCO, TONE, Pico VCO2, Tš-L v2, Godspeed+, Flexshaper, Timbre & Timbre, Radioactive, Hydrus, Fold 6, Warps (PCB Panel), 6x MIX - black, Unity Mixer, Mix (Black Panel), Unity Mixer, Tallin (black panel), Dual LIN/EXP VCA, Dual VCA, Tallin, Black Blind panel 1HP, Div (Black Panel), Loop (Black Panel), Lux, ALM008 - Pip Slope, ALM028 - Pip Slope (mk II), LFOR, r-112 Random trigs/gates , Trigger Divider, Clep Diaz, Vegan Squid Axon, Dreamboat, Bloom, Ensemble Oscillator (Black Panel), Knit (uPlaits), nRings, Octalink 1U, ATN8, DATA (System 5V), Klok Blok, SSL 2610 V-Gates, TABØR - mirror black panel, Signum Hyperchaos, Chaos Brother, Hyperchaos Deluxe, Modbox, Skew Fade LFO, G8, CLK DIV, A-160-2, QS-1 Quad Slew Limiter, ANA, XPANMIX, A-149-4, A-138sV, VC Pan, STMIX, HN VCF (custom black panel), ENVELOPE, A-135-2 Quad VCA / VC Mixer, SVF(B/W), VC LFO, Hyperchaos Deluxe - Magpie black panel, SUM SUM, Polivoks VCF, VCF-3, meloDICER, SATURN, Wolv, Indian Resonator 2 drum voice, DRONE BANK, Stochastic Inspiration Generator, Cellular Automata, Antidote, Desmodus Versio, Imitor Versio, DATA (SILVER), Black Polivoks VCF V2, Monsoon, Rangoon, Folder, ALM017-EX - Pexp-1 Black, Ferry, ALM019 - HPO, Pico INPUT, Pico OUT, Ferry (inverted), Preamp, arbhar expander, "MKC8-СТЕРЕО" Black, "MKC8-СТЕРЕО" Aluminium, Unity Mixer, MST '07 Buffered Multiple (4HP), Link 2, Buff ( Black Panel), A-150v, SL3KT, ADDAC805.VS2, µMotion, Stochastic Inspiration Generator, LITTLE NERD (ALUMINIUM), Via SYNC3, Via SYNC, Arpitecht (black panel), CHORD MACHINE 2 (2016), randomRHYTHM, 3 to 1 Mixer, Switch (Black Panel), ALM017 - Pam's NEW Workout (Black and Gold Faceplate), A-179-2, Path, ALM027 - Boss Bow Two, A-151v, XXX_OR, Switchblade, lìon, O'Tool Plus, Zularic Repetitor, Router, AI008 Eurorack Matrix Mixer, AI008 Matrix Mixer Black, Coherence, Simple Comparator, Neuron - Single - Magpie white panel, A/B++, 8bit Cipher, ES-8, FH-2 'factotum', FX Send and Return, Inertia, Wiretap and ENA
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