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Cleveland Jan 2022 Ambient (contingency)Eurorack
Connector PodEurorack
All The DrumsEurorack
Cleveland Jan 2022 AmbientEurorack
Hopothetical bigger techno systemEurorack
62hp Mavis' ConsortEurorack
The BeastEurorack
Halloween 2022 at OctobersendEurorack
Ambient palletteEurorack
Travel system September 2021Eurorack
Clouds all the way downEurorack

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Collection 266 modules

Quadra, Z4000 VC-EG, ADDAC207, Unity Mixer, M303, Erbe-Verb, Elements, Batumi, Grendel Drone Commander 2 Main Module, Octone, Skorn da Bask, PURE Quantiser, Pico DSP, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, ONE, ALM017-EX Pexp-2, Clep Diaz, JOVE, Drone Squad, Black Polivoks VCF V2, Harmonaig, Micro Sequence, RackBrute 6UPower, Hyrlo (inverted), ADE-33 Event Boss, Stages, Marbles, Zadar, Klang, LINK, METRON, Vowel, Lapsus Os, DATA (WHITE), Scales, Mutes, Basimilus Iteritas Alter (12V Switched), Vox Digitalis, "РЗРВ" aluminium green knobs, ochd, Mimetic Digitalis (Black), disting EX, Ripples (2020), Little Melody, TABOR, VCA, Veils (2020), "Technomancer" illuminated blind plate, Chainsaw, ONA, ALM002 - Beast's Chalkboard, A-103, Kickall, Panel Lights, A-185-2, Streams, Tallin, A-135-2 Quad VCA / VC Mixer, Mimeophon, 3x MIA, Circadian Rhythms, A-100B1, Bard Quartet, QPAS, Steve's MS-22, Tonic, A-140, Rene, Stepper Acid, Deckard's Voice, Bin Seq, TRAX! , Euclid, S-143, Autopilot (golden), Chord Organ, Belgrad, Contour 1, O-410 Sub Osc, 2LPG v2, T43, Quantus Pax, VCO, LPG, Grone Drone Synth, Short Bus V2:, DOT (black panel), Metamorph / Black panel, Shifty, 4xMUTE, TriTone, Multiple dual channel, FX AID, MMF, C4RBN, Dual Atenuverter , Shades (2020), Scale - Polarize - Offset (S.P.O), Rotating Clock Divider V2, tàin, Switch 4, CalTrans, A-124 SE, U-070 Gate/Tap, "Пуск-6" black blue buttons, U-075 Dual Arcade Manual Gate/CV, TheBateleur - Voltage Controlled Oscillator MKII, A-111-6, OR Switch (AFRORACK and Ali The Architect collab edition) black, PUSH, BABY 8 PRO Step Sequencer, Decca, Dark Matter, UNDERWURLDE, Mixup, SL3KT, ALM027 - Boss Bow Two, Sinfonion, Fold 6, Stmix, A-160-2, RCD Breakout v1.1, HiPass, VLH - VCO's Little Helper, Pico Trigger, Kinks, Dixie II+, FONT, Gibbon, Black Stereo Mixer V2, Popple, TG3 Filter, A-115, P-180 Octal switchable “OR”, Disting mk4, S-180 8-Step Sequencer, WK2, ABCD, Milton, A-580 1x line out/ 2x line in, P-120 Dual switchable “OR”, ABC - Black, Stochastic Inspiration Generator, 333, Quad Invert, Euporie, Monotropa, S-183 CV-8/2 outputs ...for S-180, Pico Quant, CLONE, LS1lightstrip, ERROR DRUM ! , B-020 Bool3 – logic module, S-142 4-step seq, R-110, S-187 Voltage Controlled Clock/Trig/Gate Modifier, Lunar Module, MiniMod Precision Voltages, Multiple dual channels with leds 1U (Intellijel or pulplogic format), Quad Gate Inverter, SumDif, (Black) Maze, Hexagram, Sarajewo, Magneto, CLK, CLX, Clock O' Pawn, Jupiter Spirits, omsonic Strange – Melodic contour generator, VnIcursal VCA(Soulless panel), Chronoblob2, EUCRHYTHM, Z8000, ADDAC216, Phoreo, Monograf, PHRSR, Morphader, Phoreo Black, U-090 Clock/Reset Corrector, Ring SM (Black), Burst, Wangernumb, SLEDGEHAMMER, Subharmonics Generator, Univer Inter, ADM02 Grainshift, Catalyst, It's 555, CUTTING ROOM FLOOR v3, Domino, Otterley, Distress, Tama12, 4tten, ModBase 09 Mk II, Gaeto Grey, CMOS Party 4hp Logic module, ALM023 - mmMidi, mmT, AD/LFO, HexVCA, Seq5, Pulsate, [1]f, Noise Plethora, VCF303, meloDICER, Triple Sloth white panel, Cosmix, HEXOR, V-Scale Variable Buffer (Silver Panel Version), SCLPL, Frigg Eq, Zzzorb, Shelves (2015), 1983, Sol, Dual "Dreadful" VCF, Forge TME - vhikk, ηCarinae, Parasite Antifilter, Missed Opportunities, eãs, arbhar, Triad, ADDAC105 4 Voice Cluster, Duatt, S-909, Big Boom, Mavis, RFD (Reset For DFAM), SHIFT CORE GENERATOR, Quantus Ampla (Silver), ES28 - Touch Sequencer, Precision Disrupter, DOT, Cockpit 1U (silver), Beads, Quadratt 1U, Stereo Line Out 1U, Noise Tools 1U, Passive LPG 1U, 1U Sloth Chaos, Tessitura Tailor, G&T - 1U Intellijel, DUAL VCA 1U, S-LD, Basimilus Iteritas Alter, Electus Versio, Atari Punk Console Drum, Tea Kick(Aluminum Panel), CP, HUE, Animator, LEVIT8, Pamela's PRO Workout, PE Machine II, SY0.5, R-330 Reverb, 3x MIA - black, Sub-Osc Generator, Aristotle, Lider Suboctave and u1P

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DFAM - Drummer From Another Mother (5), LPG (5), Chainsaw (5), LINK (5), ochd (5), Vowel (5), Marbles (5), ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout (5), DATA (WHITE) (5) and Pico DSP (4)
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