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Leggy Tourriggs (104 hp, 4u)Eurorack
Med A4 Budii (84hp, 3U)Eurorack
Vambroozle (96 hp, 3u)Eurorack
A4Budii smalls (96hp, 3u)Eurorack
Nifty Touriggs (84hp, 3U)Eurorack
A4Budii smalls 5 (96hp, 3u)Eurorack
A4Budii very smalls (76hp, 3u)Eurorack
wheary (84) (as-is)Eurorack
NiftyNana+ (104hp)Eurorack
wheary no SubH (84)Eurorack

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r_chamberlain currently does not offer any modules on the marketplace