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_208 Metron, WMD PM, Bitbox, E440 w/ synth voiceEurorack
84hp Drum MachineEurorackPrivate
_312 My Case Metron (copy)EurorackPrivate
_84hp O_C Exploration 2EurorackPrivate
_208 Metron, WMD PM, Bitbox, E440Eurorack
_312 My Case Now (copy)EurorackPrivate
Modules I want in the caseEurorack
_84hp O_C ExplorationEurorackPrivate
_312 My Case MetronEurorackPrivate
Modules to check outEurorack
208 Good Config (Metron, Cosmix)EurorackPrivate
84hp GrooveboxEurorackPrivate
Mana 84hp CaseEurorack
Mana 104hp CaseEurorack

My Offers on the Marketplace

Frencho currently does not offer any modules on the marketplace