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Sig Null (the Master Plan) (copy)EurorackPrivate
Sig Null (the Master Plan) (copy)EurorackPrivate
Sig NullEurorack
Sig Null (the Master Plan)EurorackPrivate
My worshipped Eurorack (copied from ishaboi_j)Eurorack
My strobic Eurorack (copy) (copied from Admiraalmus)Eurorack
The Rat's Nest - Techno & Drones (copy) (copied from Ratimus)Eurorack
Intellijel 7u Current rev38 (copied from Polyterative)Eurorack
Gig / Odds & Ends / Help MeEurorack

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Collection 126 modules

Unity Mixer, Waver, Magneto, Morphagene, Geiger Counter, Matter ii (gold), BLCK_Noir, LIQUID GLITCHER ultraviolence oscillator gold edition, Sputnik Radio BLACK, NEW ! cloud busting cloudbusting RED LABEL, Eraserhead Theremin, ACID DELAY black , Plinky, Muxlicer, Sono Abitus (Silver), Pico DSP, Buff Mult, SPIKES extraordinary 40 made, VnIcursal VCA, SMOG, Космический шум" black (DIY), Żłob Modular Push VCA, Chord Organ (black panel), Quad VCA, Blinds, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, synesthesia, Moonwalker, Clouds (PCB Panel), GPI, SYSTEM-500 540, Ara, EF / Preamp, HATS909, Crisp Brown, Eloquencer, Chimera, Zadar, SEM, R-53, Fusion Ring modulator, Cs-L, Streams, Boogie Filter, Sewastopol II, Cascade, ADSR-VC2 (Eggshell), Stages, Telharmonic, X-Pan, Listen Four Black Faceplate, Listen Four, Mutant Hihats, Rachael, ADDAC200PI, Audio Interface II, AA.1, ONE, Mutant Hot Glue, Filter 8, Maths, Belgrad, Batumi, Disting mk4, Prism, Voltage Block (Black Panel), Ensemble Oscillator, Nebulae v2, saïch, Freak, Bitbox Micro, Sirius' Veil, μMod II, Strega, Rene Mk2, Data Bender, Stages (PCB Panel), Choices, Varigate 4+, Varigate 4+ (Black), A-185-2, modDemix, 333, Javelin, ZeroScope, Infernal Noise Machine, Lil‘ Erebus, Lifeforms Voltage Lab, Panharmonium, FX AID XL, ANA, RK3 Ringer/Shaper, d0, Benjolin, Strakal Orsel, g0, Nerdseq Black Aluminium Front, Gravitational Waves, Chimera (Black), Euclidean Circles v2, disting EX, NOIR, sonic lulaby passive, A-180-9, Interstellar Radio, Optomix (black panel), Odessa, Triple Sloths V2, Grendel Drone Commander 2 Main Module, Triptych, Deckard's Voice, Dronebank, Red Dragon, SoundStage, VCF-74 MK2, ALM010 - O/A/x2, Voltage Block, FX AID, Link 2, Lyra8-FX, Control Voltage Processor, Pico SEQS, FALISTRI, Pico RND, Pico VCF1, Via SYNC3 and SM630 AWS

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