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My sorted Dotcom MU Private
Billy Dotcom MU Private
Most wanted Eurorack Eurorack Private
Most wanted MU MU View
My classic Dotcom MU Private
Weaponbox Euro Eurorack Private
Personal Truegrit Eurorack View
My sick Pedals Pedals Private
Weaponbox 1m Eurorack Private
Suitcase Dotcom MU Private
3 - 19" Euro Eurorack Private
Bookware Eurorack Private
9 - Wavecomputer Kb37 Eurorack Private
Kb37 Max Eurorack Private
0 - Wave Kb37 (real) Eurorack Private
32 - Mantis Support Cabinet Eurorack Private
31 - Mantis Main Cabinet Eurorack Private
1 - Wavecomputer Kb37 (complete) Eurorack Private
32 - Syntech Cabinet Eurorack Private
31 - Mantis Mutable Cabinet Eurorack Private
11 - Behringer Cabinet Eurorack Private
1 - Mantis Dual Cabinet Eurorack Private
0 - Mantis Hyperion Cabinet Eurorack Private
3 - Dual Behringer Eurorack Private
Behringer Eurorack Go Eurorack View
0 - My twofold Selfie Eurorack View

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Submitted Modules

AM8071 Snowfall VCF 18 HP Filter View
AM8705 Dual ADSR 24 HP Dual/StereoEnvelope Generator View
Power Supply 4 HP MIDIPower View
980 Kobol Oscillator 2 HP Oscillator View
MFOS VCO 8 HP Oscillator View
MFOS ADSR 8 HP Envelope Generator View
MFOS Dual VCA 8 HP Dual/StereoVCA View
A-138e 16 HP PolarizerMixerQuadAttenuator View
L-011 Waveform Animator 8 HP Waveshaper View
Trigger Decay 1 HP Envelope Generator View
Nasty LFO 1 HP LFO View
Organ Filter 1 HP Filter View
LED Fuzz 1 HP Waveshaper View

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