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Latest Nifty and Arturia DEC 23Eurorack
RACKS! AspirationalEurorack
CRAVE (copied from gekart)Eurorack
Saintplair D-LuxeEurorack
Patch those racksEurorack
Samplair alt1Eurorack

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Collection 108 modules

Phonogene (original knobs), Music Thing Radio Music , Chronoblob, SCION, Squid Salmple, Chronoblob2, Rample, Pachinko, Typhoon (white), Sampleslicer MKII, Ikarie, CUTTING ROOM FLOOR v3, Tape Head, MIX 4, GrandPa, Disting mk3, Mix6, Pico INPUT, Pico DSP, Freez, MIX - Passive Mixer/Attenuator/Averager, 3x MIA - black, Pique (uPeaks), uBurst, uO_C, ABC - Black, Benjolin V2, Brains, VCA, Quattro Figaro ALU, UL1 uloop, 6MIX, I.F. Hypster, Teko, Loop (Black Panel), Milky Way (black), Nebulae v2, Nautilus, Data Bender, 6699, Weather Drones kit, Endless Processor (both panels), jroo loop, DIGENERATOR, Crave Connectors , Crave Knobs, A-136, A-115, A-111-6, A-199 (w/ DIY front RCA mod), Atten/Mixer, Z5000 (WHITE), Black Hole DSP, Function (white knobs), RackBrute 6UPower, A-138nV, Quattro Figaro, NiftyCASE I/O Panel, 3x MIA, A-124 SE, AGNI, Lúbadh, MFX, FX AID XL, STO, Lorelei, BLM JFET VCO, Metal noise designer, Grains (new panel), Triple Cap Chaos, Macro VCO Matt Black 2020, Chord Organ, NOISE SQUARE (ALUMINIUM), Tromsø (Aluminum Panel), SPA, Cinnamon, RT60, minilooper, Beepboop Lo-fi "TAPE" Sampler V4, Nebulæ, Ripples (PCB Panel), 2600-VCO, A-182-1, Mult, Mimeophon, ABACUS, Rings, Tapographic Delay, Beads, ISD Sampler, M1, Reflex LiveLoop, M+Mixer, Mixup, Morphagene, Microcell - uCell, µCell, Micro Supercell (black panel), Sound Destruction Device, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, Clep Diaz, A-185-2, Disting mk4, Prism, STO (white knobs), Mojave, XXM, Braids White Color, Bad Comrade V3 and Loop
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