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This User has 134 modules in his collection.

E350 Morphing Terrarium, A-138m, A-101-3, A-103, A-106-1, A-106-5, A-106-6, A-108, A-110, A-114, A-115, A-118, A-119, A-120, A-124, A-126, A-130, A-132-1, A-132-3, A-138a, A-142-4, A-143-1, A-143-2, A-143-9, A-148, A-149-1, A-149-2, A-152, A-155, A-156, A-166, A-175, A-183-2, A-188-2, FrequenSteiner, Cylonix - Cyclebox II, Quantimator, Spock, A-143-4, Quad AAF, Sawtooth Animator, Z-DSP, A-101-2, Unity Mixer, Cyclebox II Expander, Audio Frequency Generator (AFG), Triple Bipolar VCA, Synchrodyne, Synchrodyne Expand, Vulcan Modulator, A-101-1, Dalek Modulator, IF120 - Chaotica, Anushri (Eurorack), ALM001 - Pamela's Workout, A-151, Dual Delay, A-171-2, 4ms PEG (Grayscale panel), Mind Meld v1, A-135-1, Braids (old version), Edges, Grids, Quad LFO, MTX, Phase Displacement Oscillator MkII, ALM002 - Beast's Chalkboard, Chaos Computer, Links, Peaks, Mungo d0 (Grayscale panel), Shades, Turing Machine - Grayscale Hybrid Panel, Buchla 291 bandpass & 111 ringmod, RYO Optodist (Grayscale panel), Sequential Switch Matrix (SSM), Sequential Switch Matrix (SSM) Expander, Bistromath, Storage Strip, Quad Envelope, D-010 Twin-T Drums, Anushri I/O Expander, Springray, M-220 MIDI to Clock Synchronizer, Elements, A-160-2, Benjolin (Rob Hordijk), A-147-2, Audio Frequency Generator (AFG) Antimatter Waveform Expander, Music Thing Radio Music , Performance Buffered Mult, A-160-5, M-215, P-060 Switches, SCOOPER, Deluxe Power Module, D-333 ROM Player, ALM012 - SID GUTS DELUXE, Rings, Super Sloth Chaos (Modular Addict Panel), Sloth Chaos (Modular Addict Panel), Stasis Sloth Chaos (Modular Addict Panel), Orgone Accumulator Retail, Pithoprakta, Instant LoFi Junky, Matter (copper face version), Reflex LiveLoop, DSM03 Feedback, Electro-Music Klee Sequencer , Pico A MIX, Resist, Conduit, uZeus, ALM015 - Akemie's Taiko, ALM016 - PE-1, 333, Morphagene, Channel (copper version), Motion (copper version), Mental (copper version), FUMANA, Drum Sequencer, DELUXE PWR - 600mA, TG2 Generator, TG3 Filter, TG4 Modulator, TG5 Pre-Amplifier, Verb (Black Panel), Stages, Space Case TE-2 [Black], BLCK_Noir, A-138sV and E580 Resampling Mini-Delay
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