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MorphaPalette 104 v7.3Eurorack
Dual Doepfer A100 LCB/LC v7.3Eurorack
TipTop Mantis Dual v7.3Eurorack
MorphaPalette 104 v7.2Eurorack
Dual Doepfer A100 LCB/LC v7.2Eurorack
TipTop Mantis Dual v7.2Eurorack
Tetra Pallette v7.3Eurorack
Skiff v1Eurorack
FX Rack v1Eurorack

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Collection 121 modules

Praga, Tides (2014 version), DIRT Filter, Streams, Clouds, Atari Punk Console (black panel), Warps, Propust, Hrad, A-124 SE, µMIDI, Pico SEQ, Pico OUT, Pico SCALE, Veils, Pico DSP, ALM017 - Pamela's NEW Workout, Mix, Morphagene, ADSR, Plaits, Avert (Black Panel), FH-2 'factotum', LFO v2 (Black Panel), Basimilus Iteritas Alter (black), Rene Mk2, FHX-8CV Expander for FH-2, DATA (WHITE), Maths (white knobs), QPAS, Chord v2, Bloom, XOH, Antumbra CARA , Mult, uBurst, Knit (uPlaits), Waver, Bitbox Micro, Zadar, Logic (Black Panel), RND STEP, Threshold (Black Panel), MicroTides (Black w/ LED Attenuverters), Prism, Pico INPUT, Tune, Stmix, FHX-8GT Gate Expander for FH-2, Loquelic Iteritas (Black with Hardware), 4U x 62HP Palette Case Top Row BLACK (0.5U), Kermit MK III, O'Tool Plus, VCA (Black Panel), uWarps, Polaris, Kinks, Mimeophon, Monsoon, Quadrax, Qx, Stereo Line Out 1U, Data Bender, Desmodus Versio, Pico Voice, MIDI Breakout, Tetrapad, Tete, Pique (uPeaks) Textured Magpie Panel, Veils (2020), ochd, COLD MAC, Links, BRENSO, Quantus Pax, Clep Diaz (Black w/ Jacks & LEDS), Quant Gemi, 3:1 (Black Panel), Midi 1U, Multi-FX 1U, Pedal I/O 1U, uO_C Textured Magpie Panel, C4RBN, Euclidean Circles v2, Six Switches, A-180-9, disting EX, A-130-2, Odessa, Ikarie, Timber - Black, XY IO, DUAL VCA 1U, Duatt, Noise Tools 1U, Guillotine, G&T, ALM022 - Squid Salmple, Drums2, Plonk, Euphoria, Nostalgia, Dystopia, Ataxia, Utopia, Hysteria, Eudemonia, 4U x 104HP Palette Case Top Row SILVER (0.5U), Antidote, Rotating Clock Divider v2 (5VSEL Jumper set to EXT), Bassline, Subharmonics Generator, 1u to 3u Adapter (Intellijel), ALM022-EXP1 - AXON-1, Jumble Henge, Fractio Solum, Zularic Repetitor (Black), Surface, A-111-2v, ADDAC702 and Drezno

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Mult (5), 4U x 62HP Palette Case Top Row BLACK (0.5U) (5) and Veils (4)
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