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Module Date Region Price
BANK EU £175.00  View
Micro Braids Black & Gold Panel EU £90.00  View
1U Stereo Output Mixer EU £45.00  View
Drum-99 EU £60.00  View
μClouds EU £150.00  View
Maths EU £200.00  View
Unity Mixer EU £40.00  View
Mikrophonie EU £20.00  View
1U GT2 EU £35.00  View

Submitted Modules

Switch 7 HP Switch View
Delay No More 8 HP DelayEffectNoise View
Thomas White Dual Resonant Lopass Gate 12 HP FilterLow Pass GateDual/Stereo View
4 Knob Sequencer 10 HP Clock ModulatorSequencer View
AT x 3 6 HP Attenuator View
Switch / Mult 6 HP MultipleSwitch View
BMC22. Auto-Seq 12 HP Clock ModulatorQuantizerRandomSequencer View

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