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Submitted Modules

Elta Music PM-02 46 HP Synth VoiceEnvelope GeneratorLFOOscillator View
Elta Music PF-04 10 HP Filter View
B12A MKII 500 1 HP PreAmp View
VHD Pre 1 HP DistortionPreAmpFilter View
Q3 1 HP EqualizerFilter View
SpaceHeater 500 1 HP Distortion View
MID-500 1 HP Equalizer View
Chop Shop 1 HP EqualizerFilter View
Chop Shop Void Corp Edition 1 HP EqualizerFilter View
Komit 1 HP Dynamics View
TK-lizer 500 2 HP Dual/StereoEqualizerFilter View
Xpressor 500 Vinyl Allstars 2 HP Dual/StereoDynamics View
MEQ 1 HP Equalizer View
preQ 1 HP FilterPreAmp View
meC 1 HP Dynamics View
PreComp 1 HP DynamicsPreAmpFilter View
PowerTube 1 HP PreAmpFilter View
PreMax 1 HP EqualizerPreAmpFilter View
PowerPre 1 HP PreAmpFilter View
530 1 HP Equalizer View
Auteur 500 MKII 1 HP PreAmp View
WH-B1 1 HP Blind Panel View
RTZ PEQ-1549 1 HP EqualizerFilter View
EXTC 1 HP EffectUtilityExternal View
JDX 1 HP Utility View
Tank Driver 1 HP EffectUtilityExternalReverb View
ChainDrive 1 HP Utility View
PhazeQ 1 HP EffectPhase Shifter View
Tossover 1 HP EqualizerFilterFrequency Divider View
Submix 1 HP Mixer View
X-AMP 1 HP Utility View
AM-25 1 HP Equalizer View
Karacter 500 2 HP Distortion View
Xpressor 500 (Limited CREAM Edition) 2 HP Dual/StereoDynamics View
Shuttle 1 HP Utility View
EVO-6 1 HP EqualizerPreAmp View
WA12 500 1 HP PreAmp View
Q4 1 HP Equalizer View
JDV-Pre 1 HP PreAmp View

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Rated Modules

This User rated 9 modules.

Electra (5), Nvelope 500 (5), Xpressor 500 (coffee edition) (5), Q3 (5), Xfilter 500 (5), Chop Shop (5), Chop Shop Void Corp Edition (5), 77x-500 (5) and 6X-500 (4)
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