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Submitted Modules

Darwin Xpander 4 HP Expander View
Optodist (Custom Panel) 6 HP DistortionEffect View
TwoPot 4 HP AttenuatorDual/Stereo View
Darwin 8 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorRandomSequencer View
Banana Split 8 HP Multiple View
Clockulator 4 HP Clock ModulatorClock Generator View
MidiTrigger 4 HP DrumMIDI View
Hyperwave 12 HP OscillatorDigitalDual/Stereo View
Spring (Custom Panel) 6 HP Reverb View
Polivoks VCF (Custom Panel) 8 HP Filter View
Polivoks Modulator (Custom Panel) 8 HP LFOSample and Hold View
EURO Brute 8 HP ExpanderUtility View

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