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Surgeon Boiler Room 2014 setup (copied from mick) Eurorack Private
Tony RACK Eurorack Private
Stereo Processing 500 Series Private
Performance Rack Eurorack Private
TWCOR - Rack Eurorack Private
BS Rack Eurorack Private
BS Rack (copy) Eurorack Private


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A-540 EU €70,00  View
SWT16 EU €200,00  View
Micro Sequence EU €150,00  View

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Artec Power Brick HP Power View
Little Labs VOG 1 HP Equalizer View

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Quad LFO and SYNC

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L-110 LFO (5), Unknown Pleasures (5), O-510 Synare 2 - Oscillators (4) and Super Warp Generator (3)
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