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CotK-8-Voice-System extended MU Private
modified Jan 12th 2018, 09:41
Moon-System MU Private
modified Nov 19th 2019, 14:06
My modular MU MU Private
modified Nov 19th 2019, 14:00
Balpirol 8-Voice modular Eurorack Private
modified Apr 18th 2016, 18:55
Balpirol missing modules Eurorack
modified Jan 13th, 23:35
vocodertest Eurorack Private
modified Dec 19th 2019, 12:36
Balpirol Theremin & Trautonium Eurorack
modified Feb 4th, 19:48
Balpirol Rack3 Cwejman & Harvestman & Kilpatrick & TipTop Audio & o.. Eurorack
modified Feb 25th, 16:36
Balpirol Rack2 Sequencer Analogue Solutions & Analogue Systems & Doepfer Eurorack
modified Feb 3rd, 20:04
Balpirol Rack1 Livewire & MFB & Macbeth & Doepfer & o. Eurorack
modified Feb 2nd, 08:30

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Submitted Modules

Crowminius Euro Module B 30 HP Synth VoiceFilterMixerVCA View
Crowminius Euro Module A 30 HP Synth VoiceOscillator View
MS-VCA4I 8 HP AttenuatorExpanderVCA View
Flux Capacitor 8 HP Expander View
592 Reversible Modulation Matrix 2 HP MixerAttenuatorSwitchMultiple View
M592i 1 HP ExpanderAttenuatorMixerSwitch View
590OS 1 HP Expander View
V22 Vocoder 8 HP EffectExternal View
CP8 4 HP MixerUtility View
CP2 4 HP MixerUtility View
A-1?? Thru-Zero Quadrature VCO/VCF (QVCO) 8 HP Oscillator View
external QVCO-Adapter 4 HP External View
Cp1C 4 HP Mixer View
C 904C 2 HP Filter View
A-129-1 20 HP EffectEnvelope FollowerFilter View
A-129-2 12 HP ExternalEffect View

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