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BhARP2500 Eurorack
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Boog Slender Eurorack
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Boog Eurorack Eurorack
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BhRoland M100 Eurorack
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Analog Eurorack Eurorack
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Synthesizers.com_Format MU Private
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Wall_Panel Eurorack Private
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Mutables_Skiff Eurorack Private
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Submitted Modules

Momo Modular Clouds (Off-White Magpie) 18 HP DelayEffectSampling View
Simple_Stereo_Mixer 12 HP Mixer View
Yusynth_Comparator 6 HP Comparator View
CV Processor / Polarizer 8 HP AttenuatorPolarizerUtility View
Wave Multipliers VCM 12 HP DistortionEffectVCA View
Boolean Logic 8 HP Logic View
Pulse_Divider 6 HP Frequency DividerUtility View
Universal Slope Generator 12 HP Envelope GeneratorFilterOscillatorSlew LimiterFrequency DividerUtilityEnvelope Follower View
uO_c_Magpie 8 HP QuantizerUtility View
Noise 4 HP Noise View
ATOM (plain panel) 18 HP OscillatorSynth Voice View
Marbles 18 HP SamplingSequencer View
ADSR 8 HP Envelope Generator View
Min Max 8 HP LogicRing ModulatorUtilityWaveshaper View
Toms 1 HP Drum View
Sequencer_16 8 HP SequencerClock GeneratorFrequency Divider View
Inverter Mults 4 HP MultipleUtility View
Yusynth Simple VCA 6 HP VCAUtility View
Tsunami Wav Trigger 16 HP DrumSampling View
Gains 10 HP Utility View
Eurostrip Proto Panel 10 HP Blind Panel View
10hp_Blind_Panel 10 HP Blind Panel View
Tides 14 HP CV ModulationEnvelope GeneratorLFOOscillator View
4hp_Blind_Panel 4 HP Blind Panel View
DC_Coupled_Mixer 8 HP Mixer View
SimpleSeq 1 HP Sequencer View
Plaits 12 HP View
12hp_Blind_Panel 12 HP Blind Panel View
6hp_Blind_Panel 6 HP Blind Panel View
2hp_Blind_Panel 2 HP Blind Panel View
Synthrotek Dual Echo 1 HP DelayEffect View
Mattson, Quad VCF 1 HP Filter View
Hexinverter NeinOhNein 4 HP DrumNoise View
LiquidHH 2 HP DrumNoise View
Battery Acid 1 HP Distortion View
Hexinverter Postman EG 2 HP Envelope GeneratorQuad View
Mattson Mini, Quad VC Mixer 2 HP AttenuatorCV ModulationMixerQuadVCA View

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