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PCC 1/2 Eurorack View
PCC 2/2 Eurorack View
Superbooth 2018--two mother-32 cases Eurorack View
LZX Eurorack View
SB19 3row Eurorack View
SB19 Pods Eurorack View
My blowy Eurorack Eurorack Private
My remnant Eurorack Eurorack Private
POD48X Eurorack View
NAMM2020 Eurorack Private
NAMM2020 (stolen Pods) Eurorack Private

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Submitted Modules

VCAM - Black Panel 26 HP MixerVCA View
Ensemble Oscillator 16 HP DigitalOscillator View
Dual Looping Delay 20 HP DelayDual/StereoEffect View
Listen IO black faceplate 6 HP External View
WAV Recorder 6 HP Dual/StereoSamplingUtility View
SCM - Black Panel 4 HP Clock Generator View
PEG - Black Panel 20 HP Envelope GeneratorLFO View
SMR - Black Panel 26 HP EffectFilterOscillator View
STS - Black Panel 20 HP Sampling View
Spherical Wavetable Navigator 26 HP OscillatorDigitalLFOSynth Voice View
RCD - Black Panel 4 HP Clock Generator View
RCDBO - Black Panel 4 HP Clock Modulator View
Listen Four 1/4 12 HP Dual/StereoMixerPanningUtility View
Listen IO 6 HP Dual/StereoExternalMixerPreAmpUtility View
Listen Four 10 HP Dual/StereoMixerPanningUtilityPreAmp View
QCD Expander - Black Panel 12 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorExpander View
Pingable Envelope Generator 20 HP Dual/StereoEnvelope GeneratorClock GeneratorClock ModulatorLFO View
Phaseur Fleur (standard) HP ChorusPhase ShifterTremolo View
QCD - Black Panel 10 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorQuad View
WAV Recorder - Black Panel 6 HP Dual/StereoSampling View
Dual Looping Delay - Black Panel 20 HP Delay View
Tapographic Delay - Black Panel 18 HP DelayDual/Stereo View
QPLFO - Black Panel 12 HP Envelope GeneratorLFOClock ModulatorDigitalQuad View
SISM - Black Panel 12 HP MixerUtility View
SCMBO - Black Panel 8 HP Clock Modulator View
Buffered Mult - Black Panel 3 HP Multiple View
Stereo Triggered Sampler 20 HP SamplingDigitalDual/StereoOscillatorSynth Voice View
Spectral Multiband Resonant Filter 26 HP FilterEnvelope FollowerDigitalOscillatorDual/Stereo View
Shifting Inverting Signal Mingler 12 HP AttenuatorCV ModulationLogicMixerUtility View
Tapographic Delay 18 HP DelayDigitalEffectDual/StereoFilterReverb View
SCM Breakout V2 8 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorExpander View

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Tapographic Delay
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