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Submitted Modules

Mothership HP Pitch Shifter Ring ModulatorSynth Voice View
FV-30L HP ExpressionUtilityVolume View
Kaoss Pad KP2 HP ControllerDelayFilterFlangerLooperPhase ShifterReverbSampling View
Cyber Psychic HP DistortionFilterSynth Voice View
uBurst 8 HP DelayDigitalDual/StereoEffectPitch Shifter ReverbSampling View
Micro Synthesizer HP Synth Voice View
RS-300 24 HP MIDI View
Univox Micro Rhythmer HP Drum View
Overlord HP DistortionTube View
Kaossilator HP DrumSynth Voice View
4 Channel Splitter HP Utility View
Hotcake HP Distortion View
Jupiter III HP Synth Voice View
Rochester Series Gold Box Distortion HP Distortion View
Stutter Bomb™ HP SwitchUtility View
Signal Flex MM-40 HP Utility View
Coron DS-7 Drum Synce HP DrumSynth Voice View
DF-2 HP DistortionSynth Voice View
FX25 HP FilterWah View
Sovtek Small Stone Phaser HP Phase Shifter View
DM-3 HP Delay View
Vintage Phase 100 HP Phase Shifter View
Philosopher’s Tone HP DynamicsDistortion View
FB-2 HP PreAmpDigitalFilter View
A-138bV 8 HP AttenuatorMixer View
Maths (alternate faceplate by 20 HP AttenuatorCV ModulationEnvelope GeneratorFunction GeneratorSlew Limiter View

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