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Submitted Modules

1u to 3u Adapter (Pulplogic) 10 HP Blind PanelUtility View
1u to 3u Adapter (Intellijel) 8 HP Blind PanelUtility View
Westlicht PER|FORMER (Performer alternate panel) 34 HP Clock GeneratorControllerCV ModulationMIDISequencer View
Typhoon 16 HP DigitalEffectReverb View
Safety valve - Alternate Panel 10 HP DistortionDynamicsEffectFilterNoiseTube View
3u to 1u Adapter (Pulp Logic) 26 HP Blind Panel View
3u to 1u Adapter (Intellijel) 26 HP Blind Panel View
Frames (alternate panel) 18 HP AttenuatorCV ModulationFunction GeneratorLFOMixerQuadSequencerVCA View
Mutable Instruments Shelves (alternate panel) 20 HP EqualizerFilter View
Branches (alternate panel) 6 HP Clock ModulatorDual/StereoRandom View
Shades (alternate panel) 6 HP AttenuatorMixerPolarizer View
Miasma from Sin Phi - Rampage Clone (Alternate Panel Black&Gold) 20 HP ComparatorCV ModulationDual/StereoEnvelope FollowerEnvelope GeneratorFunction GeneratorLogicSlew Limiter View
Basics Utilty Module (AKA CV PEAKS - Alternate Panel) 12 HP CV ModulationDrumDual/StereoEnvelope GeneratorFunction GeneratorRandomUtility View
VC ROUTE MK2 (alternate panel) 6 HP SwitchUtility View Blind Panel 4 HP Blind Panel View
uTemps (mini Temps Utile) Black&Gold 8 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorLogicQuadUtility View
uO_C (mini ornament&crime) Black&Gold 8 HP CV ModulationEnvelope GeneratorFunction GeneratorLFOQuadQuantizerRandomSample and Hold View

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