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Submitted Modules

Dual Fader 2 HP Dual/StereoDynamicsPanningVCA View
Osc Hrm 2 HP View
Rungler 2 HP View
Mini Matrix 2 HP View
Node Proc - MIDI - IEC 2 HP View
Dual Envelope 2 HP Envelope Generator View
Dual Phaser 2 HP Phase Shifter View
24dB Filter 2 HP Filter View
RunglerOscWsPhaser 6 HP Clock GeneratorLFOOscillatorPhase ShifterRandomSequencerVCA View
LfoPFaderWSPhaser 6 HP DynamicsLFOMixerPanningPhase ShifterUtilityVCA View
EnvWsPhaserFilter 6 HP Envelope GeneratorFilterPhase ShifterVCA View
LfoPEnvWsPhaser 6 HP Envelope GeneratorLFOPhase ShifterVCA View
LfoPEnvFilter 6 HP Envelope GeneratorFilterLFO View
LfoPWsPhaserFilter 6 HP FilterLFOPhase ShifterVCA View
OscOscFaderMSW 6 HP DynamicsOscillatorUtilityVCA View
RunglerMatrixNodeProcsMIDI_IEC 6 HP AttenuatorMIDIMixerPowerQuantizerRandomUtilityVCA View
OscEnvFilterMSW 6 HP Envelope GeneratorFilterOscillator View
LfoPEnvPhaser 6 HP Envelope GeneratorLFOPhase Shifter View

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