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Make Noise Black and Gold Shared System Eurorack View
Muff's 10-Module Challenge - SynthTech version Eurorack View
Intellijel microMono HEK Eurorack View
Testing Ground Eurorack View
Rhythm Control (Drums & DIY) Eurorack View
Current Pedal Rig for Guitar, Bass, and Synths Pedals View
Testing Ground Alternate Eurorack View
Live Pedalboard Planning Pedals View
Testing Ground Analog Ver. Eurorack View
Bass Pedal Rig Pedals View


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Submitted Modules

LR Baggs Stadium DI HP BassPreAmpDynamics View
A-125 8 HP EffectPhase Shifter View
A-144 8 HP ControllerCV ModulationQuad View
BCB-60 Pedal Board HP PowerUtility View
TU-12EX Chromatic Tuner HP Tuner View
GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor HP Modeling/SimulationMultieffect View
GT-100 COSM Amp Effects Processor HP Modeling/SimulationMultieffect View
GT-1B Bass Effects Processor HP BassModeling/SimulationMultieffect View
X1 Tube Preamp HP PreAmpTubeEqualizer View
VLD1 Legacy Drive Preamp HP PreAmpTube View
Sequencer (Mk. II) 14 HP Sequencer View
Dixie II+ 8 HP LFOOscillator View
A-145 8 HP LFO View
A-120 8 HP Filter View
Dual VCA (Mk. II) 8 HP Dual/StereoMixerVCA View
1900 O'Tool Oscilloscope & Audio Tools 1 HP UtilityVideo View
Mapper 10 HP VideoWaveshaperEffectMixer View
LPG (Mk. II) 8 HP FilterLow Pass GateVCA View
Jemini HP Distortion View
Mix Mult (Mk. II) 8 HP AttenuatorMixerMultiple View
A-129-5 8 HP EffectSwitch View
A-129-4 8 HP Slew Limiter View
A-138xa (Discontinued) 8 HP Mixer View
Filter (Mk. II) 12 HP FilterOscillator View
Mixer (Mk. II) 8 HP AttenuatorMixer View
Outs (Mk. II) 6 HP External View
Toolbox (Mk. II) 6 HP NoiseSample and HoldSlew Limiter View
A-133 8 HP Dual/StereoPolarizerVCARing Modulator View
LFO2 (Mk. II) 6 HP Dual/StereoLFO View
InOut (Mk. II) 6 HP ExternalMixer View
Envelope (Mk. II) 8 HP Envelope GeneratorFunction GeneratorLFOEnvelope FollowerOscillatorSlew LimiterWaveshaper View
Bender 10 HP LFODual/Stereo View
A-116 8 HP Waveshaper View