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Submitted Modules

Clock O' Pawn 6 HP Clock GeneratorClock Modulator View
Clouds II Placeholder 14 HP Blind Panel View
Blank 104 HP Blind Panel View
Snare Drum 10 HP Drum View
A Sound Of Thunder MKII 8 HP DigitalExpander View
A-100B42 42 HP Blind Panel View
Bass Drum 14 HP Drum View
Tempi 10 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorControllerDual/Stereo View
μJack 6 HP UtilityExternal View
MME 60 HP Synth Voice View
Azimuth II 10 HP VCAPanningDual/Stereo View
Voltage Block 20 HP CV ModulationQuantizerSequencerDigital View
Varigate 8+ 26 HP Clock GeneratorQuantizerSequencer View
Dubmix 28 HP MixerPanningQuad View
A-151 4 HP SwitchQuad View
SYNC 4 HP Clock GeneratorClock ModulatorMIDI View
Colour 1 HP DistortionEffectWaveshaper View
12HP blank aluminium panel 12 HP Blind Panel View
10HP blank aluminium panel 10 HP Blind Panel View
6HP DIY Blank Panel 6 HP Blind Panel View
6HP blank panel 6 HP Blind Panel View
Clockwork 28 HP Clock GeneratorClock Modulator View

Module Collection

This User has 3 modules in his collection.

µO_C, Varigate 4+ and μClouds (Silver)

Rated Modules

This User rated 17 modules.

Equation Composer (5), Warps (5), Marbles (5), Four Bricks Rook (5), Quad LFO (5), Quad Envelope (5), Reflex LiveLoop (5), Varigate 4+ (5), µO_C (5), Quad Gate Delay (5), uO_C (5), Voltage Block (5), Varigate 8+ (5), Varigate 4 (5), Bishop's Miscellany (5), Knight's Gallop (5) and Clock O' Pawn (5)
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