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Submitted Modules

K-rAd Utilities 3 HP Utility View
Mult/OR 3 HP LogicMultipleUtility View
Switches 6 HP Switch View
Mults 4 HP Multiple View
Passive Ring Mod 5 HP Ring Modulator View
QTLFO 7 HP LFOEnvelope Generator View
AMP 6 HP Utility View
Rim Shot 6 HP Drum View
SSM2044 VCF 8 HP Filter View
inOUTINout 8 HP AttenuatorExternalPreAmpUtility View
Unity Gain mixer 4 HP Mixer View
D.A.N. 6 HP Envelope GeneratorFilterNoise View
transistor ladder filter 12 HP Filter View
Dual Quantizer 6 HP Quantizer View
Scale Offset CV Trimmer 3 HP Utility View
pAn miX 12 HP Mixer View

Module Collection

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A-115, quad MIDI Interface (qMI), CVP, Mix, Shuffling Clock Multiplier V1, Z3000 Smart VCO MKII, RS-95E, A-100B42, System X Envelope, 281 Dual Function Generator (Grayscale panel), Discrete SVVCF, AteOhAte Toms X3, LFO2, SEM VCF, Barton Waveform Animator (Grayscale panel), CP3, VC Sequencer, Optodist, System X Oscillator, LPG, Wave Runner, Buffered Mult, Mutant Hihats, Mutant Bassdrum, Polivoks VCF, VCA, Microcompressor Stereo, Wood Filler, Polivoks Modulator, Trig Xpander, Mikrophonie, TH X-4046 VCO, Buffered Multiple, VC Divider, Cascade, Penrose Quantizer, Atari Punk Console (black panel), Midi to Clock V2, Dual Discrete NAND/AND, MST Noise / Sample & Hold / Track & Hold, 3xVCA, Tea Kick, Timbre!, DLY, Clawbell, Paths, HiHat-8, Wogglebug, Stomper, Instrument Interface, Penta, Thomas Henry Bass++, Haible Living VCOs , Serge Resonant Equalizer (EQ), Sloth Chaos (Modular Addict Panel), ES07 - 1973 VCF, Triad, Segue, Turing Machine Mk II, Radio Music, Multiple, Pico DRUMS, Karp 鲤 (Black), VCA/Mix, C-217 DADSR Delayed Envelope, BaDumTisss, Pico DSP, Minimix, Teenage Engineering PO-12, Suiseki Phase Shifter, Arpitecht, Chord Organ, MinEq, QTLFO, Passive Ring Mod, Mults, pAn miX, Scale Offset CV Trimmer, K-rAd Utilities, Dual Quantizer, transistor ladder filter, D.A.N., Unity Gain mixer, inOUTINout, SSM2044 VCF, Switches, Rim Shot, KQTLFO, AMP, Mult/OR, 10 HP Blind, A-100B1, Dual Delay, Sampleslicer and Envelop Follower

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