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This User rated 36 modules.

Wave Runner (5), Rotating Clock Divider V2 (5), Quadra (5), Optomix (5), Telharmonic (5), µVCF (5), Clouds (5), A-105 (5), Braids (old version) (5), Dixie II+ (5), Ripples (5), Maths (5), VCA (5), g0 (5), petit mix v_1 (5), DSM01 Curtis Filter (5), Single VCO (5), Rings (5), Grids (5), System X Envelope (5), Function (5), Wogglebug (5), Nebulæ (Black Panel) (5), Yarns (5), STO (5), Shapeshifter (5), μVCA II (5), DUAL BORG (4), Spring (Custom Panel) (4), DPLR (4), E340 Cloud Generator (4), Mysteron (4), VCA4p (4), Brain Seed (4), Pico Trigger (3) and Vactrol SVF-201 (3)
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