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Module Date Region Price
dSPLIT EU €30,00  View
Polaris EU €165,00  View
Pole-Zero EU €125,00  View
MMM VCF EU €150,00  View
A-192-1 EU €85,00  View
M-216 EU €50,00  View
U-031 Quad Gate-to-Trig converter EU €40,00  View

Module Collection

This User has 3 modules in his collection.

Denum, Korgasmatron II and Delta CEP A

Rated Modules

This User rated 12 modules.

3x MIA (5), Ferry (5), Hyrlo (5), Hyrlo (inverted panel) (5), dSPLIT (5), HM VCO (5), LED Meter (5), ADSR (5), MMM VCF (5), Super Sawtor (5), FM AID (5) and Ferry (inverted panel) (5)
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