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M2_MX1 Roland Eurorack Private
M1_MX1 Doepher Eurorack Private
M3_MX1 Moog now Eurorack Private
M5_MX1 The 5th Eurorack Private
M8_MX1 Keeps Eurorack Private
B99 ======== Eurorack Private
B20_7 Skiff 60 Eurorack View
M4_MX1 The 4th Eurorack Private
B20_1 Doepher Eurorack Private
B20_2 Roland Eurorack Private
B20_3 Moog Eurorack Private
B20_4 LB Eurorack Private
Z03 - Doepher Spare Eurorack Private
B20_6 The Choices Eurorack Private
B20_5 Keep for LB Eurorack Private
M9 ======== Eurorack View
Z01 - Perm and Poss Eurorack View

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Submitted Modules

SYSTEM-500 555 16 HP LFONoiseRing ModulatorSample and HoldSlew Limiter View
SYSTEM-500 510 20 HP OscillatorFilterVCASynth Voice View
SYSTEM-500 531 20 HP MixerExternalDual/StereoPanning View
SYSTEM-500 505 16 HP FilterDual/Stereo View
Blank Panel 4hp for Roland 500 4 HP Blind Panel View
Blind panel for System 100 8 HP Blind Panel View
Blind panel for System 100 4 HP Blind Panel View
907A FIXED FILTER BANK 20 HP FilterEqualizer View
A-106-5 SE 8 HP Filter View
Trimmer +In/Out 30 HP AttenuatorMixer View

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