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Live case A "AwakenDirector" (Right unit) Eurorack View
Live Case B "Crazymulator" (Left unit) Eurorack View
Studio Collector Beast Eurorack View
Live4'19Case6U+Skiff3U+External(IM90/EMX1/MPC2KXL/MFC42/MBVO/MKPH/HD1000/DE2&DT/Orb/RE301/NagraE/T-ResII/CP251x2/CL20Cx4/MS1202/.) Eurorack View
SynthFestFranceVCVRackWorkShop =6UHardware Skiff Eurorack Private
SynthFestFranceVCVRackWorkShop =3UHardware Skiff01 Eurorack Private
SynthFestFranceVCVRackWorkShop =3UHardware Skiff 02 Eurorack Private
Mutable collection Eurorack Private
DIY one Eurorack Private


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Artificial Neural Network (5), ER-301: Sound Computer (5), MORPHEUS (5), ER-101 (people's choice) (4), ER-102 (4), RK004 (3) and Z-DSP (3)
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