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Submitted Modules

RIAA 4 HP Dual/StereoUtilityPreAmp View
IPS2 preliminary 2 HP Power View
IPS – Interruptible Power Supply 4 HP EffectPower View
spink0 6 HP Clock GeneratorUtility View
VC ROUTE MK2 6 HP UtilitySwitch View
RINGMODULATOR 4 HP Ring ModulatorUtility View
POLARIZER 4 HP AttenuatorCV ModulationMixerPolarizerVCARing ModulatorUtility View
VC ADSR 8 HP Envelope Generator View
VC ROUTE MK3 4 HP SwitchUtility View
VIM 4 HP AttenuatorMixerUtility View
PAMT 4 HP UtilityControllerCV ModulationMixer View
VCO 12 HP Oscillator View
DUAL ATTENUVERTER 4 HP AttenuatorDual/StereoUtility View
Logo Panel 3 HP Blind Panel View
Logo Panel 3 HP Blind Panel View
Blank 3HP 3 HP Blind Panel View
Blank 1HP 1 HP Blind Panel View
Multiple 3 HP MultipleUtility View
VU Meter 4 HP Utility View
NOISE 4 HP NoiseUtility View
DIVIDE BY N 5 HP EffectUtility View
Sample and Hold 4 HP Sample and Hold View
Splicer 4 HP EffectPolarizerUtility View
PSU 7 HP Utility View
VCA 6 HP AttenuatorVCA View
Quadrature LFO 12 HP LFO View
ADSR 10 HP Envelope Generator View
Quad Mixer/VCA 21 HP MixerQuadVCA View
24dB VCF Lowpass 12 HP Filter View