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Submitted Modules

Odessa (Superbooth18 prototype) 24 HP OscillatorSynth Voice View
Sarajewo 12 HP DelayEffect View
Timiszoara 10 HP DelayDigitalDual/StereoEffectReverb View
Jena 8 HP DigitalExpanderOscillatorWaveshaper View
Batumi (black panel) 10 HP Clock GeneratorLFOQuadRandom View
Nin 3 HP Expander View
Hrad 10 HP MixerPreAmpUtilityExpanderPolarizerControllerDual/Stereo View
Zadar 10 HP CV ModulationDigitalEnvelope GeneratorFunction GeneratorLFOQuad View
Zadar (black panel) 10 HP Envelope Generator View
Sewastopol II 10 HP ComparatorEnvelope FollowerEnvelope GeneratorPreAmp View
Samara II 10 HP AttenuatorMixerMultiplePolarizerSample and HoldSwitchUtility View
Poti (Black) 3 HP Expander View
Batumi 10 HP Clock GeneratorLFOQuadRandom View
Warna II 6 HP MixerMultiplePolarizerUtility View
Samara 10 HP AttenuatorMixerPolarizerQuadUtilityWaveshaper View
Sewastopol 8 HP CV ModulationDistortionEnvelope FollowerExternalPreAmpUtility View
Karl Marx Stadt 42 HP Envelope GeneratorFilterLFOOscillatorVCASynth VoiceCV ModulationSlew Limiter View
Tirana II 6 HP Clock ModulatorCV ModulationSequencer View
Tirana 6 HP SequencerCV Modulation View
Tallin 6 HP DistortionDual/StereoVCA View
Praga 20 HP MixerPanningVCADual/StereoQuad View
Lipsk 6 HP ExpanderLogic View
Drezno 12 HP ComparatorCV ModulationDistortionFrequency DividerLogicQuantizerSample and HoldWaveshaper View
Belgrad 14 HP FilterOscillator View
Kamieniec 9 HP LFOPhase Shifter View
Poti 3 HP Expander View
Kamieniec (Messe 2015 prototype) 9 HP LFOPhase Shifter View
Ostankino 10 HP SequencerClock ModulatorControllerCV ModulationDual/StereoExpanderSwitchUtility View

Rated Modules

This User rated 28 modules.

Batumi (5), Karl Marx Stadt (5), Poti (Black) (5), Batumi (black panel) (5), Praga (5), Bytom (5), Warna (5), Ostankino (5), Moskwa (5), Zadar (5), Samara II (5), Nin (5), Jena (5), Tirana (5), Sewastopol (5), Belgrad (5), Kamieniec (5), Poti (5), Drezno (5), Tirana II (5), Tallin (5), Sewastopol II (5), Lipsk (5), Warna II (5), Samara (5), Hrad (5), Kamieniec (Messe 2015 prototype) (5) and Odessa (Superbooth18 prototype) (5)
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