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Potential smallerEurorack
64HP ASQ-1Eurorack
64HP Polygogo sequencerEurorack
6U 64HPEurorack
7U 64HPEurorack
Sample and HoldsEurorack
Z10500 Series
01 Current BottomEurorack
01 Current TopEurorack
Anton’s rackEurorackPrivate
64HP 2Eurorack
I/O Pod 48HPEurorack
64HP 3Eurorack
104 SchlappiEurorack
64HP 1.1Eurorack
01 CurrentEurorack
84HP 6UEurorack
Xtra stuffEurorack

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Module Region Price
Loquelic Iteritas USA $250.00 
Dark Matter USA $290.00