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Collection 132 modules

Streams Magpie plate, Sensory Translator, Detect, External In / Envelope / Gate, Guitar Input, omnimod, Instrument Interface, EF / Preamp, A-119, Envelope Follower, Envelope Follower (Aluminum Panel), MIX (aluminum panel), DOCK 6, Fxbox, PHS-28, CHD Elektroservis - Stereo Bucket Brigade FX Unit, DLY, Generalissimo, Dwarf Star Stereo Delay, Tiptop Audio Z-DSP (Grayscale panel), Delay1022 v2, The Jellyfish (old), DSM03 Feedback, ED107 PolyDAC 4-Channel MIDI-CV 30HP, ES-8, ASSIMIL8OR, RS-35, Sewastopol II, AP-1 MK2 (Eggshell white), DETECT-Rx, Merge, A-135-4C, Grand Terminal (black), ER-110, MBC-3, Spring Reverb, Quad VC Resonant Equalizer, TriTone, Ooots, Hexmix, FINALISER R-EQ, Knead , FINALISER R-EQ (Silver), Graphic EQ (Black Panel), VCEQ-3, Simple EQ, MBC-3, ADM10 Kompressor, Drum Mixer, Microcompressor Stereo, cmp1, VC-SC, M/S-MATRIX, ER-130, LRMSMSLR (Black and gold panel), LIMITER, VC-FC Forward Compressor, MSCL, Jellysquasher , COMPRESSWITCH, Compressor, Q-MIX, E-110 5-band EQ, Serge Resonant Equalizer (EQ), Graphic EQ, SYSTEM 100 174 PARAMETRIC EQ, Shelves, Model 106 6-Channel Mixer, SUM 2, Desmodus Versio (Silver), A-113, GYRINX VCF, Chorus, A-595, Squid Salmple - Grey, QD - Quad Drum Voice (white panel, not for sale), Quad LFO [Black], RADAR, AD/LFO, POLY EG/LFO, BLM Cyllene VCLFO, RECORD, Milky Way 1U (black), Buff Mult 1U, Mult 1U, Enhance 2, Messor, Output Line Driver, Maestro, Evolution, Dual Filter, Morgasmatron, TriTone_black, PanMix - black, Velocity Amplifier, ADDAC709M, Electron Fuzz Custom EFCCV, Merge [white panel], CV Express , MST Expressor, Warhorse, Reflex LiveLoop, ALM006 - S.B.G, PM Channels (Black), VC PLL, CRATER, Pro Output (Black), Overseer, PM Mutes Expander (Black), Performance Mixer LE, MSCL (Black Panel), Stmix, ADDAC604, F-1: Stereo Lowpass Filter, ADDAC702, ADDAC603, ADDAC709C EHX C9 VC ORGAN MACHINE, Poly-8 VCEG, Demon Core EXPANDER, A-111-4v, Poly-8 Voltage-Controlled Oscillator (VCO), Poly-8 Voltage-Controlled Oscillator (VCO) Classic Edition, Poly-8 Glide, Circadian Rhythms (BLACK), dual xfade, Optx, 3AT, A.D. Amplification Discrète, Poly Cinematic, dual xfade_black, DYNAMICS and Mix CR
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