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On The Spot - 1010 Ver 2 - access Eurorack View
Tele mysteron Eurorack View
Tele mysteron - arduino Eurorack View
Tele mysteron - pico Eurorack View
Arp Filter and Spectral - 420 of awesome Eurorack View
Arp Filter - rearrangment Eurorack View
Performer 420 Eurorack View
Performer 1 Eurorack View
Performer Groups Eurorack View
Performer Groups - more convenient Eurorack View


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Deluxe Power Module (5), Dual ADSR (5), Rings (5), Dixie II (4), Function (4), µVCF (4), μVCA II (4), CHD Elektroservis - Spectral Ring Mod (3) and A-130 (2)
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