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DelayDackel on Modular (2nd version) (copy) Eurorack
modified Dec 29th 2020, 15:37
Doepfer Mitte Eurorack Private
modified Sep 24th 2019, 19:52
8 Kanal Experimental Case Eurorack
modified Friday January 22, 17:01
Clock & Trigger Eurorack Private
modified Sep 24th 2019, 19:51
Delay Rack Eurorack
modified Jan 8th, 03:55
DelayDackel on Modular (2nd version) Eurorack
modified Sunday January 24, 12:31
Holzmarkt 1st Eurorack Private
modified Sep 24th 2019, 19:52
AAA_Nico schraubt Eurorack
modified Dec 22nd 2020, 22:40

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Collection 128 modules

E350 Morphing Terrarium, A-118, A-138b, A-140, A-143-9, A-146, A-148, A-151 (OLD), A-156, A-164-1, A-165, A-166, A-170, A-175, A-177-2, A-185-2, A-196, A-198, FrequenSteiner, DMF-2, Quadra, Maths, Optomix, Mix, BD808, QMMG, Quantimator, HATS808, Multifilter, VCOb, uLFO, E560 Deflector Shield, Triple Wave Folder, K4815 Pattern Generator, E580 Resampling Mini-Delay, CB808, Buff Mult, Mult, Audio Frequency Generator (AFG), CV Record, Sync-Gen IILS, SPH-2, ADDAC503 Marble Physics, ADDAC101 .WAV Player, MMF-6, CTG-VC, Jones O'Tool Oscilloscope, BLD, Fourmulator Quad Digital LFO, AI-2, Mutinator, Furthrrrr Generator, A-180-2, QCD: Quad Clock Distributor, Trigger Riot, ATT-4, Braids (old version), Grids, Digital VCA, RES-4 (White), Zularic Repetitor, ALM002 - Beast's Chalkboard, Propagate, Frames, Branches, p0, Grendel Formant Filter, v2, Complex Oscillator, Amplitude & Tone Controller, Mutant Hihats, MUC-400, Springray, VCA-4MX, Clouds, Voltages (Spirograph), Pulses (Spirograph), Turing Machine (Spirograph), Delay1022, A-160-2, A-110-4, Batumi, Dual SeM20 (limited edition), Richter Wogglebug 2014, Spectral Multiband Resonant Filter, Tonnetz Sequent, MX-4S (White), ADDAC207 Intuitive Quantizer (black), Make Noise Erbe-Verb (Grayscale panel), A-180-3, LxD (Low Strike Duo), FSH-1, 4ms QCD Expander (Grayscale panel), QMMG (Blue/White Knobs), Rings, Serge Resonant Equalizer (EQ), Make Noise Telharmonic (Grayscale panel), PH-8, Octone, Sequence Selector, EUCRHYTHM, Electro-Music Klee Sequencer , Pico DRUMS, Make Noise Tempi (Grayscale panel), Mutant BD9, Entity Bass Drum Synthesizer, Ornament & Crime (Grayscale panel), VCA4p, nw2s::io (balanced), Rene, Unity Mixer, Zoom, A-150-8, A-180-9, Buffered Mult, Multi-Delay Processor, JUST FRIENDS, Quad LFO, A-110-6, A-142-4, MMF-2, PM Mutes, Natural Gate, SwitchMix, VC ADSR, CS-8 ol VDL-6, Piston Honda Mk III, Zadar and Nin

Rated Modules

This User rated 109 modules.

Sync-Gen IILS (5), MUC-400 (5), Entity Bass Drum Synthesizer (4), Octone (1), Sequence Selector (1), FSH-1 (1), A-180-3 (1), Turing Machine (Spirograph) (1), Pulses (Spirograph) (1), Voltages (Spirograph) (1), Zularic Repetitor (1), Grids (1), Trigger Riot (1), QCD: Quad Clock Distributor (1), EUCRHYTHM (1), Electro-Music Klee Sequencer (1), Frames (1), Digital VCA (1), Triple Wave Folder (1), QMMG (1), Mix (1), A-138b (1), Tonnetz Sequent (1), 4ms QCD Expander (Grayscale panel) (1), CTG-VC (1), Quadra (1), A-140 (1), Maths (1), Mutinator (1), K4815 Pattern Generator (1), A-148 (1), E580 Resampling Mini-Delay (1), E560 Deflector Shield (1), A-170 (1), A-164-1 (1), A-180-2 (1), Buff Mult (1), A-198 (1), A-185-2 (1), Rene (1), A-196 (1), Unity Mixer (1), SPH-2 (1), nw2s::io (balanced) (1), A-151 (OLD) (1), A-165 (1), A-166 (1), Make Noise Erbe-Verb (Grayscale panel) (1), Dual Looping Delay (1), Delay1022 (1), A-160-2 (1), Clouds (1), Springray (1), Propagate (1), ATT-4 (1), Zoom (1), Pico DRUMS (1), CB808 (1), VCOb (1), HATS808 (1), BD808 (1), E350 Morphing Terrarium (1), Make Noise Tempi (Grayscale panel) (1), Spectral Multiband Resonant Filter (1), Dual SeM20 (limited edition) (1), LxD (Low Strike Duo) (1), Amplitude & Tone Controller (1), Grendel Formant Filter, v2 (1), Audio Frequency Generator (AFG) (1), ADDAC101 .WAV Player (1), Mutant BD9 (1), Rings (1), Make Noise Telharmonic (Grayscale panel) (1), A-110-4 (1), Mutant Hihats (1), Complex Oscillator (1), p0 (1), Braids (old version) (1), Furthrrrr Generator (1), BLD (1), Jones O'Tool Oscilloscope (1), RES-4 (White) (1), MMF-6 (1), Multifilter (1), uLFO (1), Quantimator (1), A-118 (1), A-143-9 (1), A-146 (1), A-156 (1), A-175 (1), ADDAC207 Intuitive Quantizer (black) (1), VCA4p (1), QMMG (Blue/White Knobs) (1), MX-4S (White) (1), CV Record (1), ADDAC503 Marble Physics (1), Optomix (1), DMF-2 (1), FrequenSteiner (1), Ornament & Crime (Grayscale panel) (1), PH-8 (1), Serge Resonant Equalizer (EQ) (1), Richter Wogglebug 2014 (1), Batumi (1), Branches (1), ALM002 - Beast's Chalkboard (1), Fourmulator Quad Digital LFO (1) and VCA-4MX (1)
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