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Unit 1 (Thought Box 22+ Mod) MU View
Caterina Barbieri (copied from hrls) Eurorack View
Hilma 2 Eurorack View
aHILMA – Final Choice 0 Eurorack Private
aHILMA – Final Choice 4, 2xDixie + Mutes + Mixer + ADSRVCA Eurorack Private
aHILMA – Final Choice 1 Eurorack Private
Control Skiff Eurorack View
aHILMA – Final Choice 1 - Replace Mutes with LPF Eurorack Private
aHILMA – Final Choice 1 (Organized by General Function! - ROW A = 1. Sequencer, 2. Oscillators, 3. Filters; ROW B = Clocks, Envelopes, Mixers/VCAs, DSP eg Delay+Disting) Eurorack Private
Cat Barberi Jaxyn Version Eurorack View


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EON, Switch (Black Panel), Mix (Black Panel), Avert (Black Panel), 3:1 (Black Panel), LFO v2 (Black Panel), ADSR (Black Panel), EG (Black Panel), Teleplexer, Model 23, Q-MIX, Black Input, Video Grip (2018), Model 156M, Quadrax, Dual Integrator Model 155, Wave Painter, Poly 2, Euro-DSO, o_C Plus - Ornament and Crime, DSO150 EuroScope v2.0, SoundStage, Chiasso, Tides, Sample Drum, Klang, Stages, Planar 2, Sinc Bucina, Fay, ER-102, SCION, Model 180, Entity Percussion Synthesizer, Entity Bass Drum Synthesizer, ornament+crime (pcb panel), A-111-2, Fuzz Factory, Rings, FSH-1, D-LFO (Eggshell), Tri-ger, Mysteron, A-197, ADDAC803, FSR2P, O'Tool Plus, DATA (powder/silk panel), Ornament & Crime (Grayscale panel), Eloquencer, A-155v, ROT8, A-138n, dual xfade_black, Mix, MX1, Roti Pola (Black), Hyrlo, Cascade (Black Panel), Mutes, Nano Rand, XFADE, MixR, A-135-1, A-147-2v, A-171-2v, A-143-9, A-143-9 Lin FM, ADSRjr, A-135-2 Quad VCA / VC Mixer, A-138m, ADSRVCA, VCEG , AVS-ADSR-1, 911 EG, Simple Digital ADSR, Rayonnement, A-141-4, A-140-2, A-142-2, Contour, ADSR, QMMG (Black & Gold), X-Pan, ALM022 - Squid Salmple, Low Coast, ABC, VCLFO-C, Phase LFO, Basimilus Iteritas Alter (black), 8HP Blank Panel, PanMix Jr - Black, Mixer, MIX - Passive Mixer/Attenuator/Averager, M-110 3ch Mixer, MIX, 2xSAM_black, DTM, A-410 Pan/Mix, Roti Pola, M-120 3Ch Attenuverting Mixer, MIIIIX MASTER, ease, Invy, Liquidus, EFI, C-212 ADSR – envelope gen w. inverted output, C-215 AHDSR Envelope With Hold Segment, Panharmonium, C-214 ADSR with retrig input, System X Envelope (Black), ADSR 1, TheBateleur - Envelope Generator and ADSR
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