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Submitted Modules

Multiple dual channels in two parts 6 HP ComparatorMultiple View
3x ATT (green panel) 4 HP AttenuatorUtility View
Mixer++ Black 12 HP AttenuatorComparatorDual/StereoMixerSwitchUtility View
2X A/B 5 HP AttenuatorComparatorMultipleSwitchUtility View
Multiple dual channel with Momentary switch 6 HP SwitchUtility View
Mixer++ 12 HP MixerUtilityAttenuatorComparatorDual/StereoSwitch View
3x ATT 4 HP AttenuatorUtility View
A/B++ (white panel) 7 HP ComparatorMultipleSwitchUtility View
Multiple dual channel white panel 6 HP SwitchUtilityComparator View
Analog Bass Drum black panel 8 HP Drum View
A/B++ 7 HP SwitchUtilityComparatorMultiple View
Multiple dual channel RY 6 HP SwitchUtilityMultipleComparator View
Multiple dual channel BR 6 HP SwitchUtilityMultipleComparator View
Multiple dual channel RG 6 HP SwitchUtilityMultipleComparator View
Analog bass drum 8 HP Drum View
Multiple dual channel BG 6 HP MultipleSwitchUtilityComparator View

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Clouds (5) and Turing Machine Mk II (3)
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