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Submitted Modules

Dual Level Shifter / Line Out/in Fx insert - Pantala Labs 4 HP AttenuatorExternalUtility View
Chernobyl - Pantala Labs 6 HP Power View
Pantala Labs - Sonar 6 HP CV ModulationExpression View
Pantala Labs - Midi to Trigger 7 HP MIDI View
FUZZ Factory - Pantala Labs 6 HP EffectNoise View
Tape CV - Pantala Labs 25 HP DistortionEffect View
Matrix Mixer - Pantala Labs 20 HP MixerMultiple View
4 Steps Sequencer MK2 - Pantala Labs 8 HP Sequencer View
Noise - Pantala Labs 6 HP Noise View
Bass Drum - Pantala Labs 7 HP Drum View
Solenoide - Pantala Labs 6 HP Clock Modulator View
Sense - Pantala Labs 6 HP Clock Generator View
ADSR - Pantala Labs 6 HP Envelope Generator View
Tambores - Pantala Labs 17 HP Drum View
Corazon - Pantala Labs 15 HP FilterOscillatorWaveshaper View
Echo - Delay - Pantala Labs 6 HP Delay View
Piezo Pickup - Pantala Labs 4 HP Utility View
Optical Compressor - Pantala Labs 6 HP Dynamics View
RingMod - Pantala Labs 6 HP Ring Modulator View
Quantizer - Pantala Labs 7 HP Quantizer View
Clock Divider - Pantala Labs 4 HP Frequency Divider View
4x1 Active Mixer - Pantala Labs 7 HP Mixer View
Lanzamiento - Pantala Labs 15 HP Envelope Generator View
Cosa de Laser - Pantala Labs 7 HP DistortionWaveshaper View
Buffered VU - Pantala Labs 9 HP Utility View
Atomico - Pantala Labs 7 HP Clock GeneratorDigital View
Microbe Modular - Braids Composer 15 HP Oscillator View
Microbe Modular - Equation Composer 15 HP DigitalDistortionNoiseOscillator View
Precision Adder - Pantala Labs 4 HP CV ModulationMixer View
Mimetismo - Pantala Labs 17 HP Clock GeneratorLFOSequencer View
Aprende - Pantala Labs 14 HP Sequencer View
Trigger Poorn - Pantala Labs 30 HP Clock GeneratorSequencer View
Planets - Pantala Labs 11 HP Clock GeneratorSequencer View
Montaña Russa - Pantala Labs 13 HP Envelope GeneratorExpressionLFOSample and Hold View
Dual Active Mixer - Pantala Labs 7 HP Mixer View
Comparator - Pantala Labs 6 HP Comparator View
Dual Active LPG - Pantala Labs 5 HP Low Pass GateVCA View
Body Touch- Pantala Labs 4 HP CV ModulationExpression View
Echo - Pantala Labs 6 HP DelayEffect View
Quad Passive Attenuator - Pantala Labs 8 HP Attenuator View
Passive Mult - Pantala Labs 6 HP Multiple View
Madre Tierra - Pantala Labs 13 HP CV ModulationExpressionRandomSample and Hold View
Wave Slicer - Pantala labs 6 HP Envelope GeneratorOscillator View
Tube Control - Pantala Labs 17 HP DistortionEffectTube View

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