4 HP
15 mm deep
Current Draw
Module does not draw current
$45 Price in €

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is currently available.

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R2R Ladder DAC 8-bit Digital to Analog Converter Eurorack Module

R2R Ladder is a piece of unique ancillary equipment. It is inspired by DAC, and it is one of the most important and essential parts of it. Designed by Vaemi, this R2R Ladder module is an 8-bit converter. Through the inputs and outputs, whether it is audio or cv, you can enter all types of AC and DC signals. You can think of each channel as 1 bit. Each 1-bit data you send to the inputs will increase incrementally. For instance, a square waveform can be regarded as a binary system. Every channel has 2 resistances, series and parallel; and through these, you can establish a resistance ladder circuit. This circuit gives you the opportunity to get 128 parameters in the binary system, from 0 to 127.

You can use the module as 8 in – 1 out or 1 in – 8 out. Therefore, it can be used for a few different tasks. If you enter any signal from the input, from the other 8 output, it will come out as a low signal like an attenuator. The rate of lower signals will change in every input. If you enter 8 inputs, it will serve as a summing mixer. For example, if you combine more than 2 cv signals, you will have a new cv signal. If you enter more than 2 waveforms and use it in an audio rate frequency range, it will act like a waveshaper. The basic principle of a converter is that it works with 1s and 0s. To do this, it uses gate signals. The voltage of the gate signals is stable. When there is no signal, it is 0 volts; and when there is a signal, it is 8 volts. This circuit can split 8 volts into 128 equal pieces. By using the combinations of the inputs, you can reach all of these 128 points. In this way, without even thinking too much, when you combine 3-4 gate signals with this module, it will easily stop on the right notes, which is the right tune, just like in the tampere note system. The reason for this is that the module splits the voltage proportional. These CV signals you have got can be used in various modulations. It can also be used with an attenuator, a mixer and a multiple. The module is passive, and it does not require a power source.


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