Mandrake and Arkan are among Malstroms most popular products.

News from the Labs

  • Malstrom Mandrake Malstrom  Mar 13th, 14:53
    Over 2 hours of livestream goodness from Ezbot with our Mandrake and Arkan, and other gear! Check it out here: 
  • Malstrom Mandrake Malstrom  Jan 31st, 09:13
    Great video by Ihor with our kick drum Mandrake: 
  • Malstrom Mandrake Malstrom  Dec 3rd 2022, 17:10
    New release: Kick Drum Synthesizer. Inspired by physical modeling, DAW drum synthesis and mixing techniques. Mandrake brings different elements together to generate kick drum sounds for House, Techno and Dance music. With useful ranges and shaping possibilities to get into detailed sound sculpting. 
  • Malstrom Arkan Malstrom  Dec 3rd 2022, 17:06
    New release: Dual Voltage Polarizer with curvature control, combines the best of unipolar and bipolar VCAs into one module. Great to shape your audio and CV. And has distinct feature selections to make it a great modulation control hub overall.  



Kick Drum Synthesizer

$323 MSRP