We are Spinal Cat.

Spinal Cat Modular is a manufacturer of highclass cat theme orientated Blind Panels. Our blind panels are so durable that they continue to oppose the toughest conditions. In your Eurorack case they are perceived as eye-catcher, you never will be without one again.

Haz Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. Put cats on modular panels.

Haz Function

We reduced the functionality to a minimum, keeping a straight focus on the main purpose of the modules. Which is to visualize a cat on the panel.

7 lifes - Angry Cat, 7 lifes - Surprised Cat and Meaow (Prototype) are among Spinal Cat Modulars most popular products.

News from the Labs

  • Spinal Cat Modular Meaow  (Prototype) Spinal Cat Modular  Dec 12th 2012, 09:06
    We are working on a Cat Oscillator device which is based on a design from Rolf Klein. Features a triangle core and a Rolandson trigger.  
  • Spinal Cat Modular 7 lifes - Surprised Cat Spinal Cat Modular  Dec 12th 2012, 09:06
    Just finished the concept art for the new 7 Lifes "Surprised Cat Blind Panel". We hope you wigglers will like it.  

Spinal Cat Modular

Perser Straße 69 10439 Berlin


7 lifes - Angry Cat

Spinal Cat Modular

Angry Cat Blind Panel

7 lifes - Surprised Cat

Spinal Cat Modular

Surprised Cat Blind Panel

Meaow (Prototype)

Spinal Cat Modular

Cat Knob Device