Wildfire Laboratories is an audio electronics repair, fabrication,
and research facility in Richmond, VA.

Our technicians are hard at work, even now.

Commodity Fetishism, Lucy Says No, Sovereign Euro, Equation Group and Rusty Hum are among Wildfire Laboratories most popular products.

News from the Labs

  • Wildfire Laboratories Rusty Hum Wildfire Laboratories  Wednesday January 19, 02:35
    Rusty Hum is an electret condenser microphone module for explorations in room tone and feedback in the vein of the late Alvin Lucier, Masonna, and others. The small microphone is exposed to the outside world (albeit behind a mesh screen for protection) and introduces external sounds directly into the modular format. It features vactrol control of the microphone's level for CV-controlled room feedback or tremolo effects on the incoming audio.  
  • Wildfire Laboratories Equation Group Wildfire Laboratories  Jan 13th, 02:38
    Our newest euro-format device is here - Equation Group is a resistor ladder DAC in 4hp, made up entirely of passive components. It's simple design allows it to have many functions in the context of a modular system, including gate / trig to weighted CV conversion, CV and audio mixing, and fixed attenuation. It's a very underrated design, and Wildfire is excited to bring you our version. 

Commodity Fetishism

Wildfire Laboratories

"Conceptual Power Supply"

$50 MSRP

Lucy Says No

Wildfire Laboratories

Vactrol-controlled Active Feedback Loop

$85 MSRP

Sovereign Euro

Wildfire Laboratories

Chaotic DTMF Ring Modulator / Mangler

$110 MSRP
10 HP

Equation Group

Wildfire Laboratories

Passive resistor ladder DAC

$50 MSRP

Rusty Hum

Wildfire Laboratories

Microphonic Feedback Module

$90 MSRP