22 HP
45 mm deep
Current Draw
90 mA +12V
80 mA -12V
? mA 5V
$419 Price in €

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Synchrodyne Expander

  • Synchrodyne Expand Concept:
    The Synchrodyne by itself is capable of a great deal, containing several modules in one, prepatched internally to create a vibrant range of sounds. It was difficult to cut many of the control capabilities from the Synchrodyne to keep it within the scope of an analog switched-capacitor filter module. The expand lets us bring many of the little nuances of the Synchrodyne to the patchable world.

  • VCO2 / PLL2:
    VCO2 contains an identical saw core oscillator as on the Synchrodyne. The peripherals are slightly different, emphasizing different control points. The PLL frequency multiplier is similar to that on the Synchrodyne with many additional patch points.

  • Filter Clock Control:
    This box in the top left of the Synchrodyne Expand controls the filter clock on the Synchrodyne. There are three possible clock sources for the filter core.

  • PLL1 CV Inputs:
    This small box contains inputs for Track Speed And Damping for the PLL in the Synchrodyne.

  • Pre Filter Compressor:
    The Synchrodyne's filter core can produce very dynamic material with high resonance, especially in 4 pole mode. So we added a pre filter compressor to reduce distortion inside the core. The concept here is a feedback compressor that reduces the signal level going into the core based on the level on the core's output. This is a vactrol based compressor.
    The signal seen by the compressor is a mix of the VCA/Fold switch and In2.

  • Filter 2:
    Filter 2 is a second switched capacitor filter. It is a 4-Pole Low Pass type with an interesting resonance circuit. It resonates 180 degrees out of phase with the input signal. It will happily self resonate and makes a good sine wave oscillator.

(Lots of information on specific inputs/outputs on this webpage, more than in the manual!)


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