Features of the Forum


  • big readable responsive Typography for the Generation Ponytail 40+
  • The size of the Typo adapts to your monitor/device
  • You can always zoom in/out with your appropriate Browser command

Optimized for Mobile Devices

  • You will see a significant improvement to table based forums.
  • From the Editor to Video Embeds, everything is fully HTML5
  • No "pinching" and "doubletapping" neccessary to resize the posts.
  • No "Apps" required

Advanced search without Advanced Settings

  • no panels, checkboxes, additional searchoptions
  • just type in the searchterm in the searchfield on any Forum page and the search engine will try to get the best results

It's kind of context sensitive, so if you are on the Thread Index Page of a specific Forum the search will only return results from that Forum. If you want to search all Forums go to the Forums index page first.

The entries in the search fields are preserved. If you enter a search term and you click through the forums you will always see only threads which include the search term on the index page until you reset the search field.

Markdown Syntax

The Forum uses Markdown Syntax to format text. This keeps the Database very lightweight and allows semantic representation of text.

A link Markdown Syntax below the Editor explains the most common used syntax.
If you don't care about it, just ignore and start typing right away.

Inline Preview

Before you submit your post click the Preview button below the Markdown Editor and it will render your post inline.


  • Find them below the Markdown Editor
  • Emoticons are categorized by feel and labeled as such for the autistic audience, so if you are feeling happy, click on Happy-Happy
  • There is a Freddy Mercury Emoticon

Sorry, double post!

No, you can always delete your last post if there is no reply to it.

Automatic Timezone Detection

Regardless where you are in the world, publication times of postings should adapt to your current timezone. No manual settings neccessary.
Exception is this Daylight Saving Bullshit. Call the politician of your preference to fix that.

Embed Media

You can embed Media like

  • YouTube
  • Soundcloud
  • Vimeo
  • Modulargrid Racks

by simply pasting their URLs into the Form.
No need to fiddle with sharing options, no embed code necessary.

Easy Quoting

Click on the Quote Button to quote an author, you don't have to mess with any HTML or proprietary Markup code. Those missing closing tags should be a thing of the past.

You can also quote multiple authors at once if their posts are on the same page! Just click and click and click on those Quote buttons.

Reference users

To highlight a user prepend an @ to the username. A link to the users profile page will be generated.
Like in @solitud.


Upload your Avatar in your general ModularGrid user settings. No animated gifs, sorry.
If you do not upload an Avatar your Avatar from Gravatar will be used.
If you do not have an Avatar at Gravatar a unique Retro Image will be used.

... and Signature

Also in the general ModularGrid user settings. Links will be parsed, no Media Embed like Soundcloud is allowed in the Signature.

A lot of features are missing!

That's right, in return the forum doesn't look like an Excel® Spreadsheet.

Miscellaneous a.k.a Pro Tips

  • On the Thread Index Page you can click the entire row to get to a post. Useful if your hands are shaking.