This is the third submission of this module. How many do we need?
Anyone with knowledge on different versions etc, feel free to change things to make it right - or mark them as duplicate/delete, and I'll take care of it.
(There are some slight front panel variations, but nothing which seems to be worth to have more than one...)

i couldn't find the module on the site a few days ago, now there are three????? unfortunately, the site won't let me delete the module (it's already in a few folks's racks)

No worries, I hid it from view and marked it duplicate. Also linked the original listing in the info...

One trick when searching for modules is, make use that in advanced search settings, you select build type as DIY AND manufactured. Also, if its a more unknown or limited module, select the "Show exotic modules a.k.a. "other/unknowns" button.

And pretty much, always assume a module has already been added at some point. ;)

Now there's only one! Another moderator took care of it :)
You need to choose the "Show exotic modules" option to find it.



Ha! Replied too late - thanks exper :)