Basically, in 2014, I'm trying to add the 11 modules I don't yet have--the VCO (3), Filthy Filter, New FX, New Quad VCA, New Frequency Divider, DAD (2), Dual Linear VCA (2), New Mult/Atten (2), Splitter/Buffer/Mixer, MIDIverter, and the Micro LFO!  I'm adding 3x of the VCO's and doubling up on the following modules--DAD, Dual Linear VCA, and the New Mult/Atten.  All those modules come together to form a pretty serious synth voice, similar to the Minimoog.  My goals for this setup, in 3x tiers--to have a serious synth voice, in one location in the modular (3 tiers), to collect all the Blacet modules, to double up on strategic modules, and to bring balance to The Force!  This is quite a journey--to build a modular synthesizer!  A major goal is to collect all the Blacet modules, without going crazy (buying way more modules than I really need--like 10 Bargraphs, or 8 VCO's, or 4 Binary Zones . . . you get the picture!  So, I guess, I need to limit my module selection, because of finances!  My overall plan is to roughly purchase one or two modules a month, until I arrive at the above setup!  That is a really good goal, for 2014!  I'm going to need to buy the Blacet Double Stacker rack with PSU, to make this a reality!  I already have 2x extra Frac Racks and a spare Blacet PSU!

The Time Machine eats up alot of current, so I'll have to power it from the rear-mounted, Blacet PSU!  That PSU could probably power the KLEE and other modules that I might mount near the KLEE (I have 3x MOTM spaces).  One problem is location of the MOTM tier!  The above setup calls for the 3rd Blacet tier to house the TM!  So, it's going to be quite a stretch to reach a power feed up to the MOTM tier (above the top tier of the above Blacet rig)!  This is a serious issue!  I guess I'll need to investigate how to power everything, another time!  One solution would be to power the top tier from a rear mounted PSU, supplying power to the KLEE sequencer, mounted above the top tier!  Then the lower two tiers fit in the Blacet Frac, Double Stacker Power Supply Rack!  That might work!

On December 30, 2013, I added a couple of Frac Tiers to the setup!  Finally, all of my modules are powered up!  One Frac tier has the JS #3, 2U Blank, 2x Mult/Attens, KW #2, and TM #2!  The other tier does not house any modules, but I'm finally ready for modular expansion of the Frac Setup!  Next steps--Build several DIY modules, including the KLEE x2, MPS x4, and start the plan of ordering one or two Blacet modules, per month (probably going to start in February 2014--for adding the Blacet modules)!

A couple of thoughts-- how about having a passive Frac Tier - one with a bunch of mult/attens on it!  DIY Ring Mods/Passive modules?  Other?  Another thought - I'm seriously thinking about getting the New FD, 2x DAD's, the Filthy Filter, and 2x of the New Mult/Attens, for my next Blacet Order.  Those modules can fit in the 2x Tier Setup I have going, right now, and can be powered by the single Blacet PSU!  Nice!  Total cost is about $600 (with Shipping).  Also, I'll be getting the last of the Blacet Filters that I need, to complete my collection of Blacet Filters!  The 2x DAD's will come in very handy for modulating Blacet and Wiard modules!  Also, the New FD is awesome, and I can compare that module to the old FD!  The 2x Mult/Attens are cheap, and they are slightly "better" than the ones I have, currently residing in the modular (the old design--with only the one row for mult/atten).  I still want to add the 10 Blacet Bar Graphs, all in one Frac Rack, with a PSU in the Rear!  Nice!  For the 2nd order of 2014?  I'm thinking possibly the New Quad VCA, New FX, and maybe another module or two.  Order 3-- probably 3x VCO's!  Order 4 - the other modules - Mixer/Splitter/Buffer, 2x Dual Linear VCA's, LFO, and the MIDIverter.  Order 5 - probably the Double Stacker powered tier thing and a bunch of cables!

OK, so I just want 16 more modules in 2014!  That should be doable!