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I might build this if I can sell my Roland Jupiter 4 at a good price. It's in being refurbished as we speak.

Just received my first modules. Mainly I'm going for the drums, I will use my Analog Four as a sequencer ('til the 4 cv will be enough :)).


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This is a PulpLogic Lunchbox build of an Etherwave Plus Theremin Voice.

Outs (headphone, stereo, are on the right)

The Theremin control inputs will require customization:

Three 1/4" Jacks on left, labeled Vol, Pitch & Gate

Vol CV 1-10V IN maps to 6 buffered outputs, taking 1 1/2 tiles

Pitch CV -2.5-4.5V IN maps to 6 buffered outputs, taking 1 1/2 tiles

Gate up +8V IN maps to 4 trigger outputs (using Gate-to-trigger circuit)

The Etherwave Plus Gate Up is converted to Trigger for these reasions:

It's only immediate use is to trigger Syncs on oscillators and LFOs

But, we want to retrigger Syncs on other events

An OR circuit would never fire further events if the Gate was connected and always UP

So, we convert Gate to trigger, so it is normally zero, allowing other triggers/gates to fire


See here:

let me know if you would like to order some panels 

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Drool Factor Nine-Hundred, Man!

But my bank manager would have me defenestrated.

Over nine and a half grand before you even see an electricity bill.

@FSK1138 Calm down man! I'm not into YouTwitt or MyFace either, and I'm certainly not implying that you can't have an opinion - just that your opinion in this particular instance is unencumbered by recognisable facts. Also, it's patently obvious from your "This Is Real" rig here on ModularGrid that you must be into amelodic "experimental" music. Who here isn't, to some degree? I'm not averse to experimenting in the studio myself, I have a dual trace oscilloscope in the corner of my studio workbench.

As for the eternal "Why am I here?" Good question! It's been puzzling mankind since our ancestors first developed cognitive thought, but I'm sorry, I don't have the answer to that one.

If you mean why am I here on ModularGrid however, the answer is, exactly the same as you! Whether you use chaos theory and a bunch of MakeNoise modules or prefer the classic 'subtractive synthesis' and sequential melodic approach makes no difference, in the long run. We're all here because we love synthesized music and either plan to take, or have recently taken, the plunge into modular systems.

Why haven't you got a MIDI-IN module, guy? It's the only decent use of a MIDI cable, to turn passionless digital data into, polytimbral, multitonal analogue audio vibrations. ... But that's just my opinion.





@FSK1138, the man who apparently owns a couple of Pittsburgh Sequencer modules, but who blithely states that "sequencers are overrated" and continues with the broad assertation that "you can do everything with lfos, adsr, fu[n]ction generaters [sic] and delay" - Surely not! You can't program a specific melodic sequence into the collection of modules you mentioned, unless you want to spend hours patching together an elaborate array of function generators and observing the results on an oscilloscope. The only part of your comment I can agree with is your closing statement.

Keyboards? Who needs 'em?

"Go without a sequencer," you say? Are you a comedian? I'd rather go without a bloody keyboard!

I saw Tangerine Dream on their Rubycon/Ricochet tour in the mid-70's and was hooked on sequencers after hearing what Chris Franke did with 'em. I also saw Pink Floyd on their Animals tour in '77 where they performed the track 'On The Run' from the Dark Side of The Moon album (I'm listening to it ATM, BTW), which contains perhaps the most famous 8-step sequence of all time, using an EMS Synthi AKS. Like I stated earlier, I'm a tiny bit Old School!

My ultimate system would include an Analogue Solutions Oberkorn stand-alone sequencer as well as a plethora of Eurorack CV sequencer modules like the TipTop Audio Z8000 Matrix Sequencer, at least two Pittsburgh Sequencers and maybe even a MakeNoise Rene Cartesian Sequencer, among others. Not to mention the trigger/gate sequencers such as TipTop's Trigger Riot, either (or both) of the Euclidean Sequencers from Rebel Technology, or the upcoming and mind-blowingly monster Doepfer A-157-1 Analogue Trigger Sequencer. Add to this all of the peripheral VCOs, VCFs, VCAs, Envelopes and Drum Modules and your looking at a pretty large modular system and a correspondingly large hole in my bank account.

Talking of rhythm/trigger sequencers, I've just today been in contact with Mickey Delp regarding the purchase of one of his Delptronics Trigger Man modules which should be in my grubby mitts sometime in October. I'll soon by saying 'bye, bye' to the SR-18!

I've just looked up the Elektron Analog Four and it looks real cool!

Oh've got plenty of knowledge so you won't have a problem with the Maths at all. Like I mentioned, as soon as you start patching the module is easy to understand.


I also have a Dark Energy (version II) that I'm using with my's a ton of fun and sense you have the Dark Time you might be able to go without a sequencer. 

As you can see the 4MS Pedals P.E.G is in my system above,'s the only module above that I don't have yet....I should be getting it within the next week or two. 


Looks like you've got a great foundation in your system so you've got tons of room to play with. :-)

Hi Man! Everything is grooving along quite nicely with my new Doepfer Dark-Time/Dark-Energy setup, I've just managed to sync everything with my Alesis SR18 Drum Machine but I've never been happy with digital equipment and I can't wait to replace the SR18 with analogue modules.

I'm an 'Old School' synthesizer bloke myself, well used to the classic VCO - VCF - VCA way of thinking, where every module has a specific function and an easy-to-remember acronym or abbreviation which is derived from it's ultimate use within a modular system; ADSR, LFO, RM, Nz, S&H, and the like. These "new fangled" modules such as the MakeNoise Maths or the Intellijel Korgasmatron bloody intimidate me too. Which is why I've sought an independent opinion from someone with personal experience. Ta very much!

I am thinking very seriously about having a Maths module in my system, but it costs more than a Doepfer A-155 Sequencer which must be catered for before I splash out on any MakeNoise gear

Regarding my impending modular system, I've just two hours ago painted my A-100 LCB case a funky blue - the same colour as my car, as it happens - and as soon as I get paid next Friday I'll be ordering my first batch of modules from EMIS and PostModular here in the UK. Whoopee!

My planned initial setup is here: ModularGrid Rack

Thanks for your input, man. I should get around to ordering a Maths module sometime around Christmas this year. Can't ever see me owning a Moskwa, though. They're a bit too expensive for my liking, and if I'm gonna spend that much on an 8-step sequencer I'd rather grab myself an ADC Pattern Sequencer by Fonitronik - or a couple of Pittsburgh Sequencers for the same price. The Moskwa certainly looks the dogs bollocks!

Yo's it going? :-)

Well about the second Moskwa...I don't think I'd do it because I have a Elektron Analog Four and I use that to get up to 64 steps.

The Moskwa is awesome but I think it's all I need in my system. Althought I would love if the Rate could be modulated. :-)


The Maths is incredible. I want to say this without sounding like a sales pitch but I heard it said somewhere "every system needs a Maths" and this is totally true!

I was a bit intimidated by the Maths initially because frankly there were a lot of terms, discribing it's functionality that I didn't understand during my reasearch. 

I bought it anyway thinking I'd give it a shot and I'm happy to report that once I got my hands on the Maths and started tweeking knobs and reading the manual

things became very clear. All I can say is that it does so much I would NEVER want to be without it.

Yo, Upright! That's a fine looking system but I wonder how long it's gonna take you to realise that you want/need another Moskwa and an Ostankino sequencer controller to run 'em both.

Have you spent much time with the MakeNoise Maths module yet? I've recently started looking seriously at it and would like a honest opinion without the sales pitch, regarding ease-of-use, value-for-money, fun-factor, etc. I've looked at a number of YouTube clips about the module but remain undecided; it takes up a large amount of rack real-estate and the price is not negligable here in the UK.

Thread: A-100 LCB

This is my EuroRack Modular System as of the end of September 2013, which I'll be expanding with an A-100 LC9 (3 x 84HU) in November.

It is currently supplemented by an Alesis SR-18 Drum Machine, a Doepfer Dark-Time/Energy Seq/Synth-Combo, a Behringer UMX49 Keyboard Controller and a Behringer Xenyx 1002FX Mixing Unit.

I intend to add more modules every month, alternating between Doepfer stuff (from and all other manufaturers (via

Some of you guys out there in ModularGridLand may think it's a bit too "Old School" for your liking, but that's me! I bought my first synth, a Yamaha CS-30, way back in 1979, but I had to sell it when my kids arrived on the scene in the mid-80's. I've only recently gotten round to buying a replacement nearly thirty years later and feel more comfortable with the traditional VCO - VCF - VCA style of subtractive synthesis. I'll maybe get around to incorporating some wacky new gear such as a Corgasmatron or a Maths module later next year.

In the meantime I'm enjoying making synthesized music again.

Thanks to Solitud for his bloody brilliant website and to all you wigglers out there in the ModularGrid dimension for your inspiration and suggestions. Wiggle on!

Nice setup! I like this.

Nice setup! I like this.

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WOAH... That's a jaw dropper!


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Thread: #1

you wouldn´t need two uzeus, one should be able to power this rack just fine but you might need more busconnectors to connect all modules.

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thoughts or coments on the trigger man module.?


What this rack is intended for? polyphonic FM-synthesis, super-saw, 24-voice strings?

OK.  Is it possible for me to create a different rack theme?

I see. No, it's not possible to display that on MG. All modules of one format have to share the same height.

The magic bus is the row of jacks all the way across each row at the bottom.  It's a series of connections/mults that have interconnects to the other cabinets.  You can see it here:

The jacks with the vertical bars are connected to the other cabinets through a patch panel in the back:


"Edit Rack" -> choose another rack theme. Have no idea what a magic bus is ...

Is there any way to modify the display so that the magic bus can be displayed?  Also, would it be possible to make a dual row cabinet design without wood between the two rows?

Here are some pictures of what I mean:

I don't mind, it would be great if anyone else posted images.  Otherwise, it's just a matter of me making the time to create them...

Can the MOTM crowd help to upload missing images?

Yeah, Larry was awesome!  I'm glad I can help preserve a bit of his legacy.


BTW, thanks for the Klang Werk picture captain, I'm still hoping to upload missing pictures at some point...

Thanks! Larry was a great guy. He was integral to the early MOTM community.

I'm done adding modules.  I'll find (or create) and upload the missing pictures as soon as I can.


Edit: The quad lo pass is indeed a Cyndustries model.  The front panel doesn't say that though.

Documenting Larry Hendry's synth for posterity.  I've added in all of the Synth Tech modules along with the UEG and the Time Machines, but I'll have to create the rest of the modules before I can add them...

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Hi. Since you have polyphonic system, my update for ACXSynth MIDI2CV may be interesting for you. Check out my comment for this module.

Thread: My Modules

Read my comment for ACXSynth polyphonic MIDI2CV. It may be interesting for you if you have programming equipment for PIC microcontrollers.

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Nice setup,

i'm trying to copy deadmau5's modcan synthesizer by looking at a picture of his modcan system on his facebook wall  and then copying it on modular grid i'm also adding a few of my favorite modules of my own ( facebook link you own this beast or are you building it?

@Togodumnus I have actually returned the Cell 48 cases and I'm now going with a Monorocket M6104 which I have already. I'm still waiting for AH to get 2 new modules from Intellijel (Dual ADSR and Dr. Octature II) once AH have the modules I'll drive down and pick them up. I've also decided to go with a 1965 Moskwa sequencer from XAOC Devices. You can have a look at my new system here ModularGrid Rack

You don't need to fill your modular cabinet(s) in one fell swoop (as Shakespeare would have it). I've just ordered my Dark Energy/Time bundle along with an empty A-100 LCB low-cost base cabinet (2x84HP) which I'll be stuffing full of modules over the next few months. This initial setup will be expanded by the addition of an A-100 LC9 (or LC6) at some future date, hopefully resulting in a pretty decent 5x84HP (or 4x84HP) Eurorack system by the middle of next year. The first batch of Doepfer gear should be arriving this Wednesday (4th Sept) with the first row of modules (all Doepfer) planned for the beginning of October.

What have you decided in the end?

@Togodumnus You're right....I'm actually trying to decide if I'm going to ditch this system all together, return the 2 Cell 48 cases that I have and start building the Monorocket case instead. I don't have any modules yet so making the move to go with a larger case would be easy to do at this point. I'll know for sure by Tuesday.

That's a tiny modular system, Upright. I predict that it will not be long before you'll be upgrading to a larger cabinet and adding some more modules. I see that you're already looking at the Moskwa sequencer on your other rack here at Modular Grid.

I can't wait until the new year when I should have enough dosh for my first modular - probably all Doepfer. In the meantime, I'm gonna have to be satisfied with a Doepfer Dark-Energy/Dark-Time combo but all of the modular vendors here in the UK are on holiday until the end of August, so I'm gonna have to wait even for these semi-modular goodies.

Hey Togodumnus, I'm using a dual 48hp case from Pittsburgh Modular. The only down side to the case I have is that it does not support +5v but for my first system it's not a big concern. 

I really like the linear pots on the Dual ADSR module because they give the eye a graphic representation of the generated envelope, unlike rotary pots which require closer examination. The module's single downfall is its 14HP width, but for people like me with poor eyesight, this new offering by Intelligel is a "must buy".

What case/cabinet will you be using?

I don't quite have it yet. I'm waiting on 2 brand new Intellijel modules (Dr Octatrue II and Dual ADSR)  to be delivered to Analogue Haven so I can drive to Santa Monica and pick up all of these modules at once. I should have everything up and running within 2 weeks and I'll be sure to report back on the Rubicon. :-)