Sorry, there is no point in adding this to an effect pedal planning tool.

The best,

moderator @ MG

It's 10. My hp measuring eyes tells me.

Sometimes when clicking "sketch a patch" here at MG, the modules are moved and/or swapped back into an older version of the rack plan in use. This has annoyed me for years. My way around it has been to make a duplicate of the rack and creating the patch from this new rack plan.
Is there anything I have missed here?
If not, please see if there is anything to do about it :|

Thread: Marketplace

Maybe this has been asked before but why is there no text search field in the Marketplace?
-- realeoin

If you go to the regular module finder section, you can use the "Available in Marketplace" menu, together with other search criteria as "Manufacturer" and/or "Function", etc.

This is not a module, and therefore it shouldn't be listed here...

Is this DIY, or was it licensed to Blacet for frac format (like many other Syn Tech modules)?
The answer is now part of the information above - thanks!

The maker of all these modules needs to share the correct hp with us.
They look like 7 hp to me (an 14 for the bigger).

Had a great experience doing business with @dombles. Thanks!

The picture I added is crap, I know. If you own this device, please add a better photo. Thanks!


I love pedalgrid! Only thing that bothers me is I don't want to choose a pedal board (or even DIY plywood) - just put them directly on a floor of choice. Still would like to choose the size for the surface I put them on (like the DIY option).

Thread: Marketplace

Not sure if this is the place

User christophefur has listings up and is basically taking loans on modules and not selling them. I purchased a Rings from him and after the time he told me he'd ship, he had not and was not responding to my messages asking for an update. I noticed he changed the listing the day after I purchased from only accepting Venmo, to accepting Paypal and Venmo. He then told me a bunch of personal info he was going through and how he was going to refund me, but he doesn't have the money at the moment and that he didn't actually want to sell the modules, which means he spent my money and kept the goods I purchased.

He has a Braids for sale and I would use extreme caution if you're going to purchase. From what our exchange was he has no intention to sell, you will be loaning him money.
-- hawkfuzz

Sorry to hear that, hawkfuzz.
Christophefur, if you read this, you know what to do: refund the module or just ship it instantly. There are no excuses.

[edit: spelling error]

Thread: Marketplace

For some reason I had totally missed the "Available in Marketplace" function in the regular module browser... Great, thanks.
There's always something I didn't know at MG... fascinating.

Re the "All" button: Yes, of course - thanks.

Thread: Marketplace

Sorting modules after Module Name doesn't seem to work properly - at least not when I'm trying to. Some are sorted correctly, some not. Personally, I would prefer the option to sort primarily after Manufacturer, and secondarily after Model. =)

As a complement for the page buttons (1, 2, 3, etc) I would very much like a Show All button. This way I can use the web browser's search function to quickly find what I'm looking for.

The depth of this module is far less than stated on Noise Engineering's webpage - it's only 27 mm deep.

Very cool!
I can now turn off that "ocular hp measurement feature" in my brain. :)

OK, you win. I'm sorry, but this is the worst contribution I have seen for quite some time.
What's wrong about it: brand, model, hp, depth, the photo - and, above all, it was already added.


Please use the search function before adding.


You don't make adds when selling your modules at MG. Use the search function and you will find this: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/analogue-systems-rs-290

Use that one instead. This way it's easier for both seller and buyer to find each other.

Excellent - thanks!

Please add Tube and Digital categories to this.


Ha! Replied too late - thanks exper :)

Now there's only one! Another moderator took care of it :)
You need to choose the "Show exotic modules" option to find it.



This is the third submission of this module. How many do we need?
Anyone with knowledge on different versions etc, feel free to change things to make it right - or mark them as duplicate/delete, and I'll take care of it.
(There are some slight front panel variations, but nothing which seems to be worth to have more than one...)

In Dispute with @ODS331180. I have had an open dispute with PayPal since he told me he would not give me my money back. Waiting on their answer.

Ordered VCA Matrix on 29 April and paid promptly. When I got a letter saying I needed to pay over £60 import charges, I had to say no. Maybe it makes me an asshole but it just made it too expensive, so I had to return it. So I never recieved the module. It was sent back. He recieved it and told me he will not refund me. Does he get to keep the module AND the money? What do you think? Sorry if this doesn't belong here. Happy to move it to a more appropriate forum.
-- oddbeats

To me, that is bad manners, and that goes for both of you.
Import charges/taxes are not the seller's problem. Just deal with them (or arrange something with the seller beforehand).

To the seller: You can't have both the money and the module - are you insane?? Were is the logic in this? You got the module back - refund the guy and stop crying.
(Personally, I wouldn't refund the postage).

Yes, we should probably have a "dubious sellers/buyers thread".

As the power consumption and depth have changed, this is a valid/useful addition to MG.

beautiful panel!

I found them on their site :)

Would be great to see them added here above...

This is definitely more than 10 hp, but I tried 11 and 12, and it didn't seem to fit the picture. Does anyone know?

Qu-Bit Electronix vi facebook: Current HP is 24. It will be slightly larger on the final version after we add aux send/return.

Thread: WMD MMF

The WMD/SSF collaborations/modules are listed as SSF



Not really, but the guitar pedal is just a few components soldered point to point, so my guess is it isn't deep at all.

Send them an email and ask.



This is the same as this, right?

A suggestion: If it is, you could upload your beautiful image to the old addition.

My pleasure.



I unlisted this addition, but your first addition is still there as a DIY version.
If you don't think it should be available to others, just make it unlisted, and it will be a private module for you.

Nice panel, by the way.

It seems like the image needs to be cut - it has a spacious white frame around it.

The best,


Hi sgurz,

Yes, Toppobrillo made the circuit board, but this is a DIY project, right?
Their own module is already listed.

We already have these:

All the best,


60 mA @ +12 V
56 mA @ -12 V
0 mA @ +5 V

Thread: PAiA 4720

The 4720 is a VCO, not a VCA...

I changed it now. Add the 4710 VCA if you need it.

I recommend @tritata - top seller.
Fast and friendly, module as described. Thanks.

Clever use of that AT-AT-AT panel!

When you have the time, I'd love to see all the silver versions here. They look great.


you need to cut this down to 12hp ;)

Your wish is my command. Its's online.
-- modulargrid

Thanks a lot, man!

57 and counting :D

For manic unicorn members like myself:
A rack counter, visible close to the "new rack" button. Why? It's good to know beforehand if you're about to hit the maximum, and need to delete some of the not super important plans/racks. Especially useful if you plan to add a group of rack plans, say four variations of a single plan (then you can see if there is still room). And to know where your addiction is going... :)
Yes, one could count them manually, but really, in these days???

edit: solved.

Everything seems to be correct now - thanks!