Luna Modular VC-303

VC-303 Bass Voice

The original tb-303 synth module.

100% replica of the classic bassline synth in a modern
modular format. The one and only modular 303.

Engraved and epoxy filled graphic layout.

Quality device:
Original signal path/schematic with modern equivalent components.
Modern matched transistors used for higher grade and stability.
All transistors matched for a pure sound.
All on board pcb mount controls and jacks.
High grade spring loaded jacks. Sealed metal shaft pots.
Genuine all new high grade components.
rohs lead free gold plated pcb.

Device is also a compact synth module.
With the normalized ports all types of synth duites can be performed. More than just a 303 is realised.

VCO - 1v/oct Keyboard in , VCO FCV in,
FreqGlide 0-5v in (holds gate open), Normalized VCO out.
VCF - Frequency Control CV in, VCF signal in.
ENV- Envelope CV out , Gate 0-5v in, Accent out.
VCA - Accent 0-5v in and Audio out, VCA signal in.

Waveform Select - Saw / Square (303 type).
VCO Tune.
VCF Cut-off , Resonance and ENV MOD.
ENV Decay.
VCA Accent and Volume

  • ? mA +15V
  • ? mA -15V
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